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Keen to Clean Tips: Vacuuming Furniture

General/Commercial Cleaning: Vacuuming Furniture Often ignored in vacuuming duties are our couches and chairs. This is despite the fact as horizontal surfaces and things we sit and lay on they are very prone to gathering dirt and dust. A thorough vacuum can do your upholstery a world of good... read more

Keen to Clean Tips: Oven Cleaning

General/Commercial Cleaning: Oven Cleaning Oven cleaning is a job that gets more difficult over time and oil and burnt carbon builds up. Despite this it is a job many people put off as along as possible as even at the best of times it is not a lot of... read more

Keen to Clean Tips: Rangehood Cleaning

Commercial / General Cleaning: Rangehood Rangehoods are an important part of your kitchen and keeping them clean and functional is integral if you like to use your kitchen for cooking. Cleaning them is relatively straightforward but the real trickiness comes in having a knowledge of how to dismantle the... read more

Window Blinds: History and Types

Window Blinds: History and Types There are different kinds of materials used as window blinds from textiles to panels, and colors that can match your home. It’s significant uses include blocking us from too much sunlight, and keeping heat from coming in inside our homes, and it serves as... read more

Taking Care of Your Mattress! Find out How?

Mattress Cleaning & Care Tips As most of us will have noticed, we do most of our sleeping on our mattress. It’s condition will have a significant effect on your ability to get a good nights sleep, so we need to make sure we keep them as clean and... read more

Facts About Carpet Cleaning

Facts About Carpet Cleaning Cleaning carpet not only beautifies the house but also prevents dusts, grit, and sand in conflicting us with allergic reactions. Though daily vacuuming is an important cleaning activity, to remove all dusts and dirts. But a deep extraction cleaning must be performed to remove really... read more

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