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Medical and Healthcare Practices: 3 Key Cleaning Challenges

Medical and Healthcare Practices: 3 Key Cleaning Challenges

Medical and healthcare facilities take on many forms – doctor’s surgeries, dental surgeries, baby and family clinics, allied health centres, cosmetic surgery centres, and many more. When it comes to adequate and effective cleaning of these potentially high-risk environments where human health is attended, many face the same three key challenges:

1. High-Touch Surfaces

High-touch surfaces – also considered ‘contaminated environmental surfaces’ – are hot spots for bacteria in any setting, but the potential for cross contamination in high-risk healthcare environments is substantial. The same can be said for the potential consequences of not identifying and adequately treating high-touch surfaces.

The nature of high-touch surfaces will differ between facilities, however, as a general rule of thumb these will include floors, receptions areas, treatments bays/rooms and the objects or surfaces immediately surrounding these areas – along with everyday high-touch surfaces such as doorhandles.

Health and safety legislation must be followed when it comes to all aspects of healthcare cleaning, but high-touch areas should receive special attention from experienced cleaning staff.

2. Cross-Contamination And Infection Control

Facilities that deal with healthcare treatments and medically-oriented practices are held to high-level infection control standards. Should cleaners fail to meet those standards, there may be potentially serious impacts on patients and staff, such as the spread of infection or illnesses, or even the contraction of lifelong diseases – not to mention potential litigation for the practice owners. The potential for cross-contamination involving bodily and other hazardous substances should be treated seriously through proper company protocols and the engagement of trained and efficient professional cleaners experienced in healthcare settings.

3. Hand Hygiene Of Staff

Yes – though it might seem simple or even obvious – staff hand hygiene is one of the biggest challenges facility managers face when it comes to the cleanliness of their practice or clinic. High-touch areas are repetitively handled by staff more than anyone else, and therefore appropriate hand-hygiene protocols must be implemented and strictly followed in a healthcare setting. Experienced and efficient professional cleaners will carry out cleaning practices to anticipate a lack of hand hygiene, particularly in high-touch or high-risk areas such as reception areas, bathrooms, and treatment rooms. However, good hand-hygiene starts with upper management and filters down to new employees or practitioners.

It is absolutely crucial that your medical or healthcare facility is cleaned efficiently and effectively by trained, professional cleaners who have experience in dealing with these high-risk environments.

Keen To Clean are a reputable Melbourne-based professional cleaning company, experienced in a variety of healthcare environments. We have strong protocols in place to ensure legislative health and safety requirements are met when providing services to our Melbourne-based healthcare clients. Our fully trained and experienced teams are often commended by our clients for their highly skilled yet discreet approaches to high-risk environments.

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