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Automotive Dealership Cleaning: 3 signs you need to switch cleaners for your retail showroom

Automotive Dealership Cleaning: 3 signs you need to switch cleaners for your retail showroom

Automotive dealerships are one of the few places on earth where dreams come true! Well, that’s what dealerships hope their customers think when they walk through their showroom’s front doors. But what if they’re thinking something completely different? What if they’re thinking that the dealership they’ve just entered doesn’t quite stack up to the one they’ve just visited down the road?

An auto dealership should be as immaculate as the cars that are enticingly displayed within. Think about it, what happens when something spotlessly clean is placed in a less-than-spotless setting? The spotlessly clean thing looks out of place – like it doesn’t belong. And by contrast, its grubby surroundings look even more unsavoury. So why would you want to give your customers this impression when they come to you to buy a car? After all, a lot of time, money, and strategic marketing has gone into getting them through that door in the first place.

If your showroom isn’t shining quite as much as those lovely new cars within, here are 3 signs to look for which may indicate you should change cleaners – quickly:

1. Customer-experienced areas are less-than-spotless

Showroom floors, reception areas, waiting areas, sales offices …. these are all areas in a dealership regularly frequented by customers. If your cleaners aren’t doing an exceptional job, your customers will be the first to notice. This doesn’t nothing for your dealership’s reputation and may even cheapen the brand in your customer’s mind. These areas in particular should be cleaned to a high standard, for the purpose of a seamlessly impressive customer experience – along with meeting health and safety legislative requirements.

2. Your dealership’s grand entrance isn’t looking very grand

The exteriors of auto dealerships are designed to grab the attention of passers-by, as well as tell all who see it that it belongs to a particular car company. If the facade and external glass is looking tired and grubby, your customers are going to be put off from the moment they approach the front doors – if they even get that far. Maintaining the facade with regular pressure washing and detailing of glass is an absolute must if the exterior is to be as shining and enticing as the cars within. If your dealership’s exterior looks anything but impressive, it’s time to switch your retail cleaners.

3. Staff are complaining of a dirty kitchen and lunchroom

Kitchen looking like it belongs in a student’s share-house? Lunchroom so grubby you wouldn’t actually risk eating your lunch in it? Do we need to go on? Staff are entitled to a safe and healthy work place, and this extends to kitchen and lunchroom facilities. In addition to this, staff want to feel valued and respected. If your cleaners aren’t doing a great job, your staff may feel undervalued and under-appreciated by you – their employer. Help keep your staff healthy and happy, and switch to a professional company with trained staff experienced in the high-standard cleaning of auto dealerships.

At Keen To Clean, we understand just how important it is to maintain the professional image of your auto dealership, and our knowledgeable staff are trained and experienced in high-level cleaning that achieves this. Our professional cleaners will help you tick the box for meeting health and safety legislative requirements, while ensuring your customer’s attention is distracted by nothing other than that shining dream car.

Keen To Clean currently service automotive clients in Essendon, Epping, Dandenong, South Morang, Ringwood, Ferntree Gully, Blackburn, Berwick, Cranbourne, Frankston, Hoppers crossing, Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne, and Mornington. Want to get your showroom looking more like the place where dreams are made? Contact Keen To Clean for a free quote today.