Floor Strip & Polish

Floor Strip And Polish Services in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide

Strip And Seal Floor

We, at Keen to Clean, are a team of professional cleaners who assist our clients in keeping their workplaces, homes, Schools, and other areas, squeaky clean. With floor being the most used surface at any place, the longevity is threatened unless one ensures a thorough cleaning and maintenance of the space.

Frequent deep cleaning is a must to extricate all the dirt that seeps into the pores and gaps in the flooring which is difficult with the usual methods of cleaning. Professional modes of cleaning, with equipment that is designed to carry out deep cleaning, can help in maintaining the life of the flooring and extending it to a great degree. While certain flooring may seem durable owing to its make and finishing, it is bound to lose its lustre and resilience without frequent maintenance and cleaning. Keen to Clean offers the best of the services to ensure the durability of the flooring with their refurbishing, floor strip, and polish services.

Our Services In Restoring And Maintaining Your Flooring

The methods we use for the deep cleaning are suited for all types of flooring such as linoleum, hardwood, and vinyl flooring. Our equipment and cleaning approach can clean even the most heavily stained floors caked with dirt for weeks.

Floors also have an increased tendency of wax build-up and discolouration with no proper cleaning along with the possibility of abrasions leading to settlement of dirt in the gaps and abrasive surfaces. Keen to Clean works by taking off the old seal on your flooring and resealing it along with buffing up the surface for an extra sheen. Along with extending the longevity of your flooring, this also helps reduce chances of scratches, abrasions, and settling of dirt, oil, or water in the resulting crevices. Our method of high-speed buffing ensures a hardening of the coating of wax on the floor which further gives it a mirror-like finishing. We also ensure frequent buffing as part of the routine maintenance.

Our floor strip and polish services in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide are sure to keep your flooring in the best conditions between the times that you opt for complete refurnishing of the floors. With detailed deep cleaning and sealing of the flooring, our expert team of professionals at Keen to Clean make sure that the flooring is not only restored to its usual sheen but also maintained throughout without showing signs of wear and tear.

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