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Commercial Office Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney

Commercial Office Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney

If you work in an office you no doubt understand the importance of regular office cleaning; you just can’t get anything done in an untidy office. A clean office space leads to enhanced productivity, a shining professional image, and also helps meet workplace health and safety requirements.

My team can clean up after themselves

Some employers or office managers believe their office space to be “too busy” for regular professional cleaning, and might make a good-natured attempt at a staff cleaning roster. Yet once that laminated schedule goes up on the kitchen wall, a whole new level of team dynamics is realised; the clean-freaks or “Dictators” are in their element, the less-than-tidy team members are hiding in the bathroom, and all those in between are probably thinking “Don’t I do enough of this at home?”.

Enhanced productivity

Busy teams should be focusing on what they do best – their jobs! – not worrying about the day-to-day cleaning of the office. A recent study by Harvard University concluded that an untidy workplace can affect one’s productivity by impeding on the ability to persist with tasks. Simply put, a clean and tidy office space enhances staff productivity.

A shining professional image

Have you ever visited a business or establishment and found yourself cringing at the lack of cleanliness? Notice how this realisation reframes the way you might see or value that business, and can even leave you questioning their capabilities? Your workspace is an extension of your brand. Quality, professional cleaners will ensure your office remains clean and sanitary, and your hard-earned reputation remains intact.

Health and Safety

It’s no secret that every business must meet Health and Safety requirements, but did you know that these requirements also extend to the cleanliness and tidiness of workspaces, including offices? Professional cleaners should be trained and competent in meeting Health and Safety requirements when carrying out the day-to-day cleaning of office spaces. At Keen To Clean, we strive to use only non-hazardous and eco-friendly or “green” chemicals where possible, and ensure safe storage and handling of all substances and equipment. Together we can help you achieve your Health and Safety requirements.

Whether it be daytime or after hours, a good cleaning company will suggest a cleaning schedule that suits your workplace. Keen To Clean professional cleaners will discretely and respectfully clean and sanitise your office at a time that works for you, and come fully equipped with the tools and techniques to tackle all elements of office cleaning. Kitchens, bathrooms, glass, high-traffic areas, various floor coverings, work surfaces, and more… our cleaners take the stress out of maintaining a clean office space for busy professionals and businesses alike.

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