Keen to Clean Group is an Australian-owned and operated specialist cleaning company; working with various industries:

Including common areas of buildings, vacation properties, private organisations, warehouses and builders.

Keen to Clean Group is a confident, professional, innovative and committed leaders in the market for commercial cleaning.

We, at the Keen to Clean Group, listen carefully to our customers needs and create new ways to add value and build customer loyalty. We are determined to exceed our customers’ expectations every day, in every way.


The Keen to Clean Group are an Australian company which has now expanded to India through franchise sales and are looking towards expanding into other markets in the coming years.

In 2015, Keen to Clean received their Certificate of Registration for ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

In 2010, the Keen to Clean Group was selected as a Highly Commended entrant in the ActionCOACH My Business Awards 2010; and also was singled out by the judges as one of the best and being worthy of this special commendation.

In 2011, Keen to Clean received an award from FCA (Franchise Council of Australia) at the Franchise Excellence Awards 2011, for expanding and franchising internationally.

In 2012, Keen to Clean was featured in BRW Fast Franchise and Fast Starters magazines for outstanding performance in business, and excellence in growth and development. The Keen to Clean Group was ranked 5th for fast franchise and 88th Fast Starter.

In 2013, Keen to Clean was featured yet again in BRW Fast Franchise 2013 magazine for Fast and Fearless Growth.



“I am really satisfied with my Keen to Clean Group franchise purchase, as they are very professional about their work and the support given. If any problem arises with customers, or the business in general, the franchisor is there to support and help with the situation, this feels really good and safe.

I am achieving my goals with the Keen to Clean Group, and I feel great whilst doing it.”


We have been using Keen to Clean cleaning services for over 3 years and have been extremely delighted with their prompt and very thorough service. We have found the staff very pleasant and co-operative to deal with at all times. We have found the company to be diligent, honest and very obliging and appreciate the high level of service they provide.


“By purchasing a Keen to Clean Group franchise, my family and I believe that we are now set for life. More importantly, I feel like I am a part of the Keen to Clean Group business, not just a franchise owner. From the start they have kept their word, and offered more than I ever expected. Whenever help is needed they are there to support.”


We stand apart from our competitors as we have a clear documented career path to enable franchise owners to upgrade their franchisee from an initial-level-income cleaning franchise to managing a group of cleaners with a higher level of income.

The Keen to Clean Group prides itself on the quality of the training extended to its franchisees. We use a combination of internal and external training; we have comprehensive operating manuals and strong ongoing support. The adept training and support package help ensure your ongoing success.

As a Keen to Clean Group franchise owner, your role will be to manage the initial clients provided by the Keen to Clean Head Office, upgrade the franchisee to higher income level, and build a referral client base by satisfying their cleaning requirements with exceptional customer service. You will play a key role in the development of your new franchisee, and much of its success will depend on how well you implement the Keen to Clean Group training to attain client satisfaction.


The Keen to Clean Group offers a franchise option in Commercial Cleaning.

An entry level Commercial Cleaning Franchise can be purchased from just $13,500 plus GST.

As a commercial cleaning franchise owner, you will be working with real estate offices, educational premises, commercial premises, child care centres, sporting clubs and builders groups, just to name a few. A combination of both regular cleaning jobs and one off jobs will make up the work load. A commercial cleaning franchise owner does not need a specialised vehicle to begin. The above price includes your start-up kit, equipments, training and more.

Additionally, the Keen to Clean Group also offer a Master Franchise opportunity. A Master Franchise allows individuals or corporations to buy the rights to sub-franchise within a specific territory.


Your franchise agreement is a fair and balanced agreement drawn up by experienced franchise solicitor, Minter Ellison. The franchise agreement is a legally binding document spelling out the rights and responsibilities of both, the franchisor and franchisee.

You will receive a copy of the franchise agreement before you sign it. It will be included in the franchisee disclosure document, and it will also include a copy of the franchise code of Australia.

You can collect the franchise disclosure documents upon signing and submitting a franchisee application form along with the requested deposit. You will receive all these documents no less than 14 days prior to entering into the franchise agreement. This will give you the opportunity to seek independent business, legal and accounting advise on whether a Keen to Clean franchise is right for you.


  • A five-year agreement with three further five-year options to give you 20 years of security.
  • Comprehensive training provided with the franchise owners.
  • The option to progress from low-level income franchises to a high-level income franchise by the means of franchise upgrade, which is a management role supervising multiple technicians in multiple disciplines.
  • A franchise service of 10% on your gross income per month for the Commercial Cleaning Franchise.
  • An admin fees contribution of 5% on your gross income for the Commercial Cleaning Franchise.
  • Capacity to grow your business through upgrading additional commercial contracts to form your own management franchise. (Further details on the management franchise are available on request)
  • On-going support via field visits from our team to you, one-on-one meetings and conventions.


Potential franchise owners approach the Keen to Clean Group via many different sources. The minimum criteria for a potential franchise owner is assessed through a straightforward process.

Though we are not looking for any specific background or experience, we however, consider certain characteristics that we feel are vital to long-term success of the franchise owner’s business.

  • It is likely that you will have at least a few, if not most of these characteristics:
  • Cleaning or Customer Service industry background and strong focus on customer satisfaction.
  • An ability to market yourself and your services to potential clients, and to build and retain a client base.
  • Looking to start a business for the long-term benefit of you and your family.
  • Comfortable to work within a system, and willing to follow its guidance.
  • A passion for customer service excellence and the ability to dedication to work hard.
  • Enjoy working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages.
  • Have a realistic attitude about the amount of time and effort you need to put in to establish any new business.
  • Enjoy getting together with other franchisee owners and our management team to share ideas and build the brand as a whole.
  • Willing to listen to sound advice and later implement on that advice.

Keen To Clean FAQ

What sort of support is there from the franchisor?

Franchise Owners receive support from the franchisor via training as well as regular meetings and conferences where franchise owners and the franchisor can share information.

What type of cleaning can I do?

As a general cleaner, you will be doing commercial cleaning jobs, which include both, during & after business hours jobs.

What type of vehicle do I require as a franchise owner?

For a commercial cleaning franchise there are no restrictions on your vehicle as long as it is kept presentable, a sedan will be suitable due to the small amount of equipment required.

Am I required to wear a uniform?

Yes, as a Keen to Clean franchise owner you will be required to wear the approved Keen to Clean uniform which has strong branding and works hand in hand with Keen to Clean marketing activities.

Is the Keen to Clean Group a member of any Industry organisations?

Yes, the Keen to Clean Group are members of Franchise Council of Australia (FCA). In 2015, Keen to Clean received their Certificate of Registration for ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Am I required to purchase my equipment and chemicals from a particular supplier?

Yes, you are required to purchase all equipment and chemicals through the Keen to Clean Group and its preferred supplier.

How much money can I make?

Keen to Clean Group offers a guarantee income* for new franchisees to support in their initial years of Keen to Clean Business. Call us now to get your copy of our Franchise Pricing Structure.

*Conditions Apply