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What Level Of Hygiene Do Your Patients Expect When Visiting Your Practice?

What Level Of Hygiene Do Your Patients Expect When Visiting Your Practice?

When visiting a medical practice such as a doctors clinic or specialist clinic, patients expect to be taken care of. They are, after all, putting their wellbeing in the hands of a trusted practitioner within their preferred medical facility. But as a practice manager or owner, can you be sure you’re meeting all of your patients’ expectations? Do you understand and ensure the level of hygiene your patients expect when they visit your practice? Today we look at some common trends in patient expectations when it comes to the cleaning of their preferred Melbourne medical facility.


When your 9-5 occurs in the same place every day, you tend to notice less about your surroundings which quickly become common place. But as we all experience when visiting a new place or one that you visit rarely, patients will observe things that you tend to overlook when they visit a doctors or specialists office. For example, patients will notice if your floors appear worn and dirty. The floors in a waiting room will often draw the attention of hundreds of eyes over the space of a day or two. More importantly, the floors in treatment rooms – where your patients expect to be seen in a sanitary if not sterile environment – have the potential to seriously compromise the faith of your patients if they are anything but spotless. Patients may begin to question what else in the treatment room is unsanitary, and just how often their preferred medical facility is cleaned.


Bathrooms are another area where, should you frequent the same bathroom several times a day, you may overlook a lack of cleanliness. However, a patient will see the cleanliness of a practice’s bathrooms as a representation of how that practice regards their patients. That is to say, a clean and sanitary bathroom tells a patient that they are in a place where their wellbeing is of the highest priority. However, if a practice’s bathrooms are anything but spotless, patients will associate them (and likely the practice in general) with negative feelings of being put-off – or worse – feeling disgusted. An unsanitary bathroom tells patients that the medical facility in which they place their faith and loyalty, does not necessarily have the highest regard for their health and wellbeing – at least when it comes to cleaning.

Reception Areas

Often a patient is keenly aware of the fact that when they enter a medical practice’s reception area they are in close vicinity to where other sick people currently are or have been. In the time they sit and wait, patients take in their surroundings and may begin to wonder – are the door handles, chairs, and reception counter disinfected regularly? Are the toys with which my child is playing covered in germs? Should I avoid picking up a magazine in case someone with a contagious illness has handled it before me? Where are the cleaners I wonder – surely they have some here somewhere?

Managing Patient Expectations

Some may see the above expectations as unrealistically high, and yet it is no secret that society today is germ-obsessed – often to our own detriment. This same mentally plagues us when we sit and wait in the reception area of a doctor’s or specialist clinic, staring at the floors or visiting the bathroom if it cannot be avoided. For this reason – as well as for the purpose of meeting health and safety legislative requirements – it is imperative that patients’ expectations are managed when it comes to hygiene in medical practices. After all, medical facilities of all kinds are high-risk environments in which infectious illnesses and diseases may spread to others. What’s the best way to manage expectations? Call in professional cleaners.

Here To Help

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