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All you need to know about department store cleaning

All you need to know about department store cleaning

Department stores are high traffic, high use areas in which customers expect a consistently positive experience every time they shop. Similarly, staff expect to be greeted by a clean and safe store when they arrive at work each day. To maintain strict health and safety standards for customers and staff alike – as well as consistently provide shoppers with a positive experience every time – engaging a quality professional cleaning company experienced in department store cleaning is an absolute must. Your customers, staff, and bottom line will thank you for it.

Chemical-Free Cleaning On The Rise In Melbourne Department Stores

Keen To Clean specialised in high quality department store cleaning in Melbourne. In these highly frequented stores, consistent ongoing cleaning is a must. This is even more important in department stores that contains in-house supermarkets within their main stores. It is reasonable for shoppers and staff to expect the use of chemical-free alternatives where possible, particularly in food sensitive areas. Melbourne department stores are opting for chemical-free alternatives for not only the health and safety of customers and staff, but also to minimise negative impacts on the environment.

For example, Keen To Clean recently completed a 7-day after-hours deep clean of a large Melbourne department store which contained a small-scale supermarket. Steam cleaning was key to minimising the use of chemicals. This eco-friendly trend is on the rise in Melbourne department stores.

Duty Of Care To Your Customers And Staff

Senior management in Melbourne department stores have a duty of care to provide a safe and sanitary shopping experience to their customers, who come from a variety of age groups and backgrounds, as well as all levels of ability and mobility. Customers regularly purchase high-risk products such as fresh produce from supermarket areas, and therefore require constant vigilance from staff and management to ensure these areas meet health and safety standards. Keen To Clean form part of your frontline defence in protecting customers and staff against potential hazards which may lead to health and safety incidents.

Enhanced Customer Experience

A customer’s experience of their preferred Melbourne department store or supermarket is vital. Whether or not the store is cleaned adequately should not enter the customer’s mind – this should be an automatic impression that happens on a sub-conscious level. If customers have a negative experience – especially in the instance where they find the store to be unsanitary – they are highly likely to shop elsewhere next time, and even more likely to tell others about it. Engaging professional department store or supermarket cleaners can assist you in keeping your customers loyal and happy.

What The Customer Doesn’t See

When shoppers frequent Melbourne department stores, they might witness the occasional clean-up of a spill or spot mop of a particularly sticky supermarket aisle. But what they don’t see is the frequent deep cleaning of all areas of the store, both front and back of house – including potentially sensitive supermarket areas where fresh food is handled and stored. A combination of the “seen” and “unseen” services is a vital part of keeping the store functioning at an optimal level.

When servicing our customers in Melbourne department and supermarket stores, Keen To Clean go above and beyond to ensure both day-to-day cleaning and deep cleaning practices are conducted to an exceptional standard. For example, our highly trained and experienced cleaners take before and after photographs of all key areas in our Melbourne department stores, as well as conduct swab tests to actively maintain high standards.

Protecting Your Assets

It is not just the customers and staff that benefit from high quality professional cleaning in Melbourne department stores. These stores are fitted with complex and expensive equipment that require constant maintenance. Part of that maintenance is quality effective cleaning. For example, fridges in fresh food areas of in-house supermarkets not only require sanitising of the interior and exterior but also regular thorough removal of all dust build-up around fans and motor units. If this is not carried out by experienced professionals, the machines components may fail – resulting in costly repairs and potential loss of revenue from spoiled, unsalable products.

By engaging a quality Melbourne-based cleaning company who is both proactive and reactive in their approach to department and supermarket store cleaning, you can be rest assured you are investing in not only the health and safety of your staff, customers, and assets, but also maintaining the professional image and outstanding reputation your business deserves.

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