Child Care Day & Care Centre Cleaning

Child Care Centre Cleaning Services In Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide

It is important to keep child care centres and day care centres clean as illness can easily spread amongst children, resulting in unhappy clients and sick staff. We specialise in day care centre cleaning, whether you need a quick clean, a weekly cleaning service, or a monthly day care cleaning, we can help.

At Keen to Clean, we can have our child care centre cleaners commercially clean your day care or child care facility to help ensure the health of your clients and staff.

Toy And Equipment Cleaning Services

Toys and other play equipment can harbour harmful germs and bacteria, even if they are cleaned daily. At Keen to Clean, our day care cleaners make sure that each toy is scrubbed, disinfected, and cleaned to reduce the spread of germs and viruses between children.

Systematic Child Care Cleaning In Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide

At Keen to Clean, we have a cleaning process that guarantees every part of your day care centre gets cleaned the same way every time, giving you the best possible quality service. Our systematic cleaning services are done by all of our child care centre cleaners to ensure the cleanliness, safety, and eco-friendliness of out method.

We disinfect, sanitise, and clean every part of your child care centre. Day care centre cleaning often involves cleaning a lot of chairs, tables, toys, and equipment, so we pack them up and unpack them for you when we’re done so you aren’t left with the task of reorganising after we have finished.

Day Care Cleaning Services In Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide

There are many germs in every household, office, or space, not all of them friendly. Bad or harmful germs can easily be passed from one person to another, which is especially true in day care and child care centres. Children are more susceptible and likely to pass on viruses and bacteria because of all the various places they put their hands and mouths.

Keen to Clean can help to stop the spread of harmful germs and maintain the level of cleanliness and safety standards expected of a child care facility. Our day care cleaners use methodical cleaning services for day care centre cleaning, whether it is an entire area or simply toys. Disinfecting toys and equipment inside your child care centre is a great way to keep your staff and the children safe and healthy.

Affordable Child Care Centre Cleaning Services In Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide

At Keen to Clean, we offer an affordable child care cleaning services in Clayton and the wider In Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide area as well as all of Sydney and a no-obligations consultation and assessment.

Environmentally-Friendly Day Care Cleaning Services

There are a number of different cleaning products that can thoroughly clean a high-traffic area, but most of these chemicals can be harmful to the environment and could potentially be dangerous for children. At Keen to Clean, our day care centre cleaning services staff only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and equipment that won’t have any negative effects on children.

We use products that are certified for use on children’s toys, chairs, tables, and other equipment found in your day care centre.

Our Wide Range Of Child Care Cleaning Services In Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide

Children tend to use their hands and mouths to explore their environment more than adults so it is important to keep their toys and equipment as clean as possible. Having clean equipment will allow you to encourage creativity and learning without being worried about illness or viruses spreading.

Preventing the spread of illness and disease is an important task for day care and child care facilities. Our cleaning services can ensure your facility is a clean and safe environment for children of all ages to play in.

We offer a wide range of child care centre cleaning services, including:

  • Cleaning windows, window sills, curtains, and blinds
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets and wash basins
  • Carpet cleaning services
  • Car park cleaning
  • Trash and waste removal and bin cleaning
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning of toilets and sinks
  • Vacuuming and steam cleaning of floors and rugs
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning of play-areas, diaper changing areas, walls, baseboards, tubs, sinks, toys, and furniture
  • Cleaning of kitchens
  • Buffering, stripping and polishing hard floors
  • Cleaning of officer areas

All the cleaning products we use at Keen to Clean are eco-friendly and hospital-grade to ensure we give you a safe and hygienic environment for the children and your staff. We will also tailor our cleaning service to any specific needs you or your child care centre may have.

For your peace of mind, Keen to Clean only employs professionals who have received a working with children certificate and have undergone a thorough background check to ensure effective, trustworthy day care centre cleaners. We have strict quality control measures in place, which include frequent inspection and regular cleaning audits, to ensure you are receiving the best cleaning service possible.

For more information on child care or day care centre cleaning services In Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, contact Keen to Clean.