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Keen to Clean Closing One Chapter and Starting the Next

Keen to Clean Closing One Chapter and Starting the Next

Melbourne, Victoria, July 2, 2018 –

15 years since the company started out as a humble cleaning team and grew to be one of the biggest cleaning franchises in Australia the man that started it all, Brijesh Purohit the Managing Director of Keen to Clean, has announced as of 1st of July, 2018 he will be stepping down from his position and out of the Australian chapter of the company entirely. The change marks the biggest shakeup in the history of the group and the start of an exciting new chapter moving forwards.

The Keen to Clean group has a long history. It originally started as a standard start-up company for Brijesh, the original motivation being his frustration at how poorly many contemporary cleaning companies were being run. After establishing the group he soon looked to franchising as a way to reward the cleaners who invested their time and hard work by giving them something tangible they could sell or expand upon if they desired. Before long the group was winning multiple business awards for its industry leading models and now the group has consolidated its place in the Australian market.

“After 15 years of working and serving with Keen to Clean Group, the time has also come to devote more energy to my family,” said Brijesh. “I can no longer meet the increased time commitments required to move the organization to the next level so I am stepping back to allow others who can.”

Brijesh Purohit came to Australia as a student almost 20 years ago. Not content with simply working hard he began a business and grew it to national level.  Since then he has started new companies in the building industry and has become one of Australia’s most recognisable and inspiring Indian entrepreneurs. Now that he has stepped down from Keen to Clean he will focus on his other projects, including the Indian chapter of Keen to Clean.

“I will always have a soft spot for Keen to Clean, especially as I leave during a time where it is more successful than ever and I would love to bask in that,” Brijesh said, a cheeky smile on his face. “But I know that the company will be better than ever with someone more able to dedicate the time and focus that I just can’t offer anymore.”

“It’s a great honor to be a director of one of the fastest growing company. In coming few years we will stay strongly focused on company’s long term goals. I believe in teamwork and I am also committed to create and lead a team where everyone is contributing to their strengths.” said Purav Patel

Keen to Clean can be contacted regarding franchises or quotes for commercial cleaning on – www.keentoclean.com.au