Pressure Water Cleaning

Pressure Water Cleaning Services in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide

Pressure Water Cleaning

Maintaining your outdoor surfaces is an important part of household upkeep that many people overlook. It helps improve the appearance of your property, helps increase its value on the market and helps reduce potential health risks like slippery surfaces.
Unfortunately conventional cleaning methods don’t offer a lot of options when it comes to properly maintaining your outdoor surfaces, particularly ones that are slimy or very dirty.

Hoses are a waste of time and water [and at certain times of year illegal to use for that purpose], and there is a definite limit to how far you can get scrubbing on your hands and knees. When you need these areas cleaned your best option is a High Pressure Water cleaning. It is an efficient and cost effective way of cleaning areas with stubborn dirt and grime where traditional methods prove ineffective.

Areas that these services can help:

  • Concrete areas on the outside of the property (including the driveway, steps and footpaths)
  • Concrete garage floors
  • Fences, statues, ornaments and other solid structures
  • Façades and other external property elements
  • Swimming pools and decking areas

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