Sustainability Policy

Keen To Clean recognizes and acknowledges the significant impacts that businesses can have on our environment. We embrace our ongoing responsibility as a company to reduce the impacts of our operations on the environment in any way we can – promoting sustainability as a core value in all that we do.

Keen To Clean has identified three key focus areas for sustainability within our business:

  1. Sustainability within – and relating to – our company offices
  2. Sustainability in our on-site commercial cleaning operations
  3. Sustainability in our approach to tailoring commercial cleaning solutions to our clients’ unique needs

With these three key focus areas in mind, Keen To Clean have committed to the following Sustainability Policy – which is reviewed annually for areas of improvement:

  • Maintain an awareness of the environment and potential impacts upon it in all levels of our operations
  • Conduct regular sustainability audits and waste assessments to determine potential opportunities for improvement
  • Pursue waste and energy minimisation and proper waste handling at all times in existing operations as well as in the planning or purchasing of new chemicals, equipment and processes
  • Compliance with State and local Government environmental legislation and codes of practice
  • Seek and align with suppliers who offer energy-efficient equipment, waste-neutral processes, and natural alternatives to harmful chemicals
  • Continue to advocate for the development and use of eco-friendly products, processes, equipment, and technology
  • Embrace opportunities to educate our clients on more sustainable systems, operations, and products – and always keeping sustainability in mind when offering tailored cleaning solutions for our clients’ unique needs and circumstances
  • Remain educated, informed, and up-to-date on environmental issues, climate change statistics, and key developments in technologies and other areas with which we can engage to improve our overall sustainability
  • Provide staff and franchisees with ongoing training to improve knowledge, awareness, and techniques – minimising errors, reducing waste, and promoting a sustainable mindset
  • Where possible, we reduce environmental impacts of employee travel by offering remote work opportunities, organising carpooling and/or encouraging the use of public transport, as well as conducting virtual/teleconference meetings
  • Embracing paperless operations where possible, and reviewing ways in which we can reduce paper use or source recycled paper alternatives when this is not possible
  • Using technology to track our processes and systems to identify waste and to track/review our progress towards improved sustainability over time
  • Support community environmental and sustainability initiatives and those of our franchisees

At Keen To Clean, we are committed to providing commercial cleaning services in a sustainable and eco-friendly way without compromising the state of the planet for future generations.

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