Domestic Cleaning Services

Get Efficient Domestic Cleaning Services Only At Keen To Clean

Cleaning is not just a one time job! Both offices and homes need regular cleaning and maintenance. Keen To Clean is the most trusted name in the cleaning industry, thanks to the wide variety of cleaning services it offers. Right from commercial cleaning in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide to domestic cleaning in Sydney, Keen To Clean excels in all cleaning tasks. All our cleaners are well-trained and experienced. We understand that every space needs a different cleaning method and the same also goes for domestic cleaning. Most of us underestimate house cleaning but it should be noted that domestic cleaning is a tedious task. Moreover, unlike offices, homes do require day to day cleaning. People these days rarely get time to clean their homes and this leads to accumulation of dust and dirt. Hence, hiring professional cleaners for domestic cleaning in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide is highly recommended. At Keen To Clean, we aim to provide reliable and consistent cleaning services. All our cleaning services are priced at competitive rates to suit the pockets of our clients. We, at Keen To Clean, know the importance of a spotless and hygienic environment and hence, we only use high-quality cleaning products and equipment. It should be noted that all our cleaning products are safe for the environment and effective. Domestic cleaning services involve more than just cleaning the floor and kitchen. With great attention to detail, our staff will make sure to clean the tricky areas too! Here are some things you must keep in mind when going for professional domestic cleaning in Sydney.


Apart from mopping and dusting, vacuuming is very important in domestic cleaning. The tricky corners of your home are bound to be filled with minute particles of dirt and dust and hence, vacuuming plays a very important role in the domestic cleaning process. Our efficient cleaners will make sure all the corners of your home are dust-free. We provide services for domestic cleaning in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

Cleaning The Furniture

Cleaning the furniture is not just about dusting, using the right cleaning product for the furniture is also crucial. At Keen To Clean, we use cleaning products as per the surface of the furniture. Also, you need not worry about the safety of your furniture because our highly trained staff will clean your furniture with great care.


Windows need focused cleaning because even a minute spot on your lovely windowpane can say a lot about your home’s overall hygiene factor! Our cleaners are experts in window cleaning and will make sure they look spotless. Right from clearing the dust to wiping the windows dry, our team follows an effective cleaning method for windows!

Lights and Lamps

Clients are often worried when it comes to trusting cleaners with their homes. Our cleaners are very reliable and will make sure to clean the lights and lamps with care. Additionally, we understand that electronic devices cannot be cleaned with the same cleaning products as furniture and hence, we only use the right cleaning products and equipment for electronic devices.

Choosing the right cleaning service is of utmost importance especially when it comes to domestic cleaning in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Here is why Keen To Clean is best for your domestic cleaning needs.

On-time Services

Our cleaners understand the value of your time and strictly follow the cleaning schedule assigned to them. We are consistent in our services and also offer emergency cleaning services. You can rely on us for end moment cleaning tasks too!

Effective Cleaning Products And Equipment

Keen To Clean uses cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment. Nevertheless, the products we use are effective and will give you a germ-free space. Moreover, we believe in constantly upgrading ourselves and hence, make sure to use modern cleaning equipment for all cleaning services.

Approachable Staff

The staff at Keen To Clean is highly professional and will cater to your cleaning needs efficiently. Be it queries or information, you can approach our staff without any hesitation. Additionally, even if you are unclear about what services you need for your space our staff will be happy to guide you.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Apart from domestic cleaning services, we offer a range of other services too such as commercial cleaning, restaurant cleaning, gym cleaning, aged care facility cleaning, shopping centre cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, etc. In short, Keen To Clean is your go-to solution for all cleaning hassles.

Competitive Prices

All our cleaning services are priced to suit the budget of our clients. Nevertheless, we always make sure to follow high standards of professionalism and use only safe cleaning products.

Contact us today for domestic cleaning in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide! Additionally, if you have any specific cleaning requirements you can call us on our helpline number or simply mail us. Not to forget, you can also approach us for domestic cleaning franchise.