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Disinfecting Vs. Sanitizing in Melbourne Healthcare Facilities

Disinfecting Vs. Sanitizing in Melbourne Healthcare Facilities

Disinfecting Vs. Sanitizing – What’s The Difference?

The practice of disinfecting involves destroying or deactivating disease-causing bacteria and viruses on surfaces, whereas sanitizing will generally only reduce the number of bacteria on surfaces to acceptable levels and is ineffective against some viruses. While sanitizing is generally effective enough for low risk surfaces such as floors and benchtops, disinfecting is preferred for treating surfaces at a higher risk of contamination – especially those found in treatment areas in healthcare facilities. Such facilities are at risk of having a detrimental impact on the health and wellbeing of patients if their practice is not expertly treated by cleaning professionals.

Best Cleaning Practices For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities of all varieties have the same goal: to provide an appropriate level of service to patients safely – furthering their wellbeing – whilst minimising the risk of hazards and potential litigation to the facility, its staff, and practitioners.  Therefore, it is imperative that healthcare facilities maintain high levels of cleanliness and consistently meet health and safety regulations – ensuring their duty of care to patients, staff, and practitioners. But how do you know you’re meeting all the necessary cleaning requirements for your Melbourne-based healthcare facility? That’s what we’re here for.

A Job Best Left To The Professionals

Quality and experienced professional cleaners are trained and equipped to identify high-touch, high-risk areas, applying the best practice to all elements of healthcare facility cleaning – whether that be general cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting practices, or a combination of all three. A reputable professional cleaning company will have protocols in place to ensure compliance with legislation pertaining to reduction or elimination of harmful pathogens and microorganisms in healthcare facilities.

Whether it be a general medical practice, dental surgery, day surgery clinic, rehabilitation centre, aged care facility, or medical equipment manufacturing facility in Melbourne – Keen To Clean’s experienced and dedicated team of professional cleaners can assist in keeping your premises appropriately clean, sanitized and disinfected as per your business’ environmental needs. Our experienced professional cleaners are trained and highly skilled in the use of low and high-level disinfectants and hospital-grade disinfectants – including correct handling and application methods.

Our Team – Your Frontline Defence

Keen To Clean proudly service a variety of healthcare facilities in the Melbourne CBDSouth Yarra, St Kilda, South Melbourne, Ascot Vale, Essendon, Moonee Ponds, Brunswick, Carlton, North Melbourne, East Melbourne, Richmond, Fitzroy, Williamstown, Newport, Brooklyn, Werribee, Wyndham Vale, and Melton. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively minimise risk while maximising optimal levels of cleanliness in such facilities, allowing our clients to carry on doing what they do best – treating their patients.

Allow our team to become part of your frontline defence against the spread of illness and infection in your healthcare facility – ensuring the wellbeing of staff and patients and helping to keep your facility’s professional reputation healthy.Contact Keen To Clean for a free quote today.