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Why You Need Professional Cleaners For Your Melbourne Corporate Or Serviced Office Suite

Why You Need Professional Cleaners For Your Melbourne Corporate Or Serviced Office Suite

Both corporate and serviced office suites share many similarities with other varieties of offices, however, there are some features that are distinctly different too. For example, office suites may be used in different ways; A corporate office suite may be used for presenting to potential clients or hosting board meetings with key stakeholders, whereas other offices may be more likely to host meetings for in-house staff only.  Serviced offices may be used as “shared” workspaces where a variety of different businesses share a communal office. When it comes to the cleaning needs of both corporate and serviced offices, there are a few important factors to keep in mind:

1. Your office suite is an extension of you, your business, and your brand

A potential client hears of your outstanding reputation. They look you up online and are impressed with what they see, so they arrange a meeting at your office. When they arrive, what do they see? An organised, spotless office that looks and feels professional from the moment the client enters – engendering trust and confidence? Or a chaotic, messy space at odds with your shining professional image – one which has the client reconsidering their initial impression?

When hosting meetings with potential clients and stakeholders, their impression of your office is usually their first ‘in-person’ experience of your business. Sure, it can be interesting to see how a successful business is run but revealing too much of what happens “behind the curtain” can have a negative impact on a client’s perception of your business – particularly if your team thrives in a state of organised chaos.

A quality Melbourne-based professional cleaning company who specialises in corporate and serviced office cleaning will be experienced in the high-level attention to detail and professional finish that your office suite requires. Keen To Clean maintain a stellar team of experienced and discreet staff, trained to expertly manage your corporate and serviced office cleaning needs. We’ve got you covered!

2. Cultivating success requires a spotless, organised office

We all know that a clean and well-organised office enhances productivity. In corporate and serviced office suites many minds are at work – often managing complex and important projects. Key personnel expect a certain level of cleanliness and organisation to be able to work most efficiently, as do those that interact in a “shared” space. If meeting strict deadlines and achieving superior standards are requirements in your business, don’t let your team be dragged down by untidy workstations or inexperienced cleaning staff who may produce sub-standard work. Keen To Clean’s quality professional cleaners are both skilled and discreet in their approach to corporate and serviced office cleaning and come fully equipped with the experience, techniques, and tools to achieve a highly professional result every time – enabling your team to work efficiently in a spotless space.

3. Health and safety standards must be achieved

As it is in the case of all workplaces, health and safety standards must be achieved for both corporate and serviced office suites to run efficiently – free of hazards, potential incidents and subsequent litigation. All staff have the right to a sanitary and safe workplace, as do those who visit your office. Ticking the boxes for health and safety not only meets State legislative requirements, but also shows your staff and clients that you highly value their wellbeing.

Keen To Clean’s reputation as a quality Melbourne-based cleaning company encompasses a variety of office-based clients, including those who require high-standard, discreet cleaning of Melbourne corporate and serviced office suites. We currently service such clients in the Melbourne CBD, Port Melbourne, Malvern, Toorak, St Kilda, South Melbourne, Collingwood, Richmond, Prahran, North Melbourne, Southbank, and Docklands.

If your Melbourne-based corporate or serviced office suite could use the highly-focused attention of trained and experienced professional cleaners, contact Keen To Clean for a free quote today.