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Childcare / Early Learning Centre Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney

Childcare / Early Learning Centre Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney

It’s no secret that childcare centres attract their fair share of germs. This fact – along with the general health, safety, and wellbeing of children in childcare – is reason enough to motivate Centre Directors and Managers to find the very best professional cleaners for their centre’s cleaning requirements. Quality, professional cleaners will not only help minimise the presence and spread of germs in a childcare setting with efficient, regular cleaning, but will also help centre staff to ensure their attendees are cared for in a space that is tidy, clean and safe.

Day-to-day cleaning

A thorough day-to-day cleaning schedule is an absolute must in a childcare setting where the health and wellbeing of children and their carers is paramount. With several different rooms hosting different aged children carrying out various (often messy) daily activities, childcare centres require a high standard of service.  An experienced and professional cleaning company will review your premises and present a schedule that suits not only the facility but the needs of the children and carers within that facility.

Periodical deep cleaning

More than most facilities, childcare centres require significant periodical deep cleaning to ensure Health and Safety requirements are met, and the wellbeing of children and staff is maintained as much as possible. Deep cleaning of areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and learning spaces is of the utmost importance in childcare centres to prevent the spread of germs and minimise safety hazards. An experienced professional cleaning company will recommend appropriate periodical deep cleaning practices to suit your facility, providing Centre Directors and Managers peace of mind and helping to ensure due diligence is achieved.

Quick response to outbreaks

Germs spread quickly – much like word of mouth feedback. Management’s response to a viral or bacterial outbreak in a childcare setting can often make or break that centre’s reputation. A quality cleaning company will offer additional ad-hoc services to help you respond quickly and efficiently to outbreaks and minimise the risk of germs spreading.

Safer substances

Children put their hands and mouths on everything! At Keen To Clean, we strive to use only non-hazardous and eco-friendly or “green” chemicals where possible, and always ensure safe storage and handlng of all substances and equipment. We are experts at taking care of premises where kids come to learn and play, and are always reviewing our practices to ensure the most kid-friendly substances and equipment are used.

Cleaners you can trust

Ensuring you are hiring experienced, trusted personnel is an absolute must for childcare centres seeking professional cleaners. All our cleaners are experienced in working safely, discretely, and respectfully in childcare settings, and have obtained the appropriate Police checks. When hiring professional cleaners for your childcare centre, we strongly recommend checking that these requirements are met before engaging any cleaning company.

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