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Restaurant Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services In Sydney And Melbourne

Kitchens and restaurants have unique cleaning needs as they tend to be high traffic high mess areas. Constantly supervising the cleanliness of restaurants can be a difficult task without the help of professional commercial kitchen cleaners.

Keen to Clean can make sure that after the last table is bussed and your restaurant is closed, it will be cleaned thoroughly and be ready for service the next day. We are aware that we must give our undivided attention when cleaning areas such as kitchen, food manufacturing units, utility areas, bakeries, and restaurant floors. Our team can provide commercial kitchen cleaning in Sydney and Melbourne for any restaurant or café.

Restaurant Cleaning Services In Melbourne And Sydney

At Keen to Clean, we offer a wide range of commercial kitchen cleaning services, including:

  • Power scrubbing all ceramic tile areas
  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Restaurant kitchen hood cleaning
  • Cleaning kitchen floor drains
  • Green cleaning
  • Special event clean-up
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Deep cleaning back-of-house equipment
  • Maintenance of all flooring and furniture
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Restaurant grill cleaning
  • Stripping, waxing, and buffing floors
  • Cleaning of the foyer area
  • Mopping and sanitation of difficult to reach areas
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning and disinfecting of washrooms
  • General supplies and waste management
  • Car park sweeping and power washing
  • General cleaning of front of house, back of house, freezer and walk-in units, entranceways, and administrative areas
  • Absorption of wet areas to stop the breeding of bacteria
  • Cleaning services for restaurants

Quality Control For Restaurant Cleaning In Sydney And Melbourne

At Keen to Clean, our commercial kitchen cleaning services include cleaning, sanitation, maintenance, and preserving a high level of hygiene, which is a priority for all our cleaning staff. We take meticulous care to meet all the hygiene standards and requirements set out by health authorities, as well as our own policies and standards regarding hygiene, cleanliness, and health.

We only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and equipment. Our professional restaurant cleaning services will allow your chefs and wait staff to work in a safe and hygienic environment and your guests to have a perfectly clean dining area.

Our Restaurant Cleaning Service In Sydney And Melbourne

At Keen to Clean, we offer professional restaurant cleaning services to all areas of the catering industry, from large-scale restaurants to small cafes. Our staff understand that hygiene and health are an important part of any food venue, so it is a responsibility we take seriously to make sure our cleaning services meet industry standards.

Our cleaning services for kitchens and restaurants will leave your venue in the best condition possible and ensure that there is no chance of poor sanitation ruining your reputation. Keen to Clean guarantees that our thorough cleaning service will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on producing excellent food.

At Keen to Clean, we offer ongoing commercial kitchen cleaning services or one-off cleans. Periodically having a deep cleaning service for kitchens can help maintain a high standard of hygiene and allow your business to comply with legislation. We can offer daily cleaning services for any restaurant in Sydney and Melbourne, to help to keep your level of sanitation under control, not just on surfaces, but those areas that are less accessible such as walls, lighting, kitchen fittings, ceilings and large pieces of equipment. Grease can accumulate everywhere in a kitchen and may cause problems.

We understand that it takes a lot of work to run a restaurant, having to deal with customers and expanding your business, so it can be a relief to leave some jobs to other qualified professionals. The commercial kitchen cleaning we offer to cafés and restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne includes:

Dining Area Cleaning Services

  • Full cleaning services for restaurants
  • Cleaning chairs and tables
  • Cleaning registers and menu order boards
  • Sweeping and mopping floors and skirting
  • Spot cleaning windows
  • Dusting picture frames, and indoor plants and their containers

Bathroom Cleaning Services

  • Sweeping and mopping floors and skirting
  • Cleaning bathroom walls, signs, doors, counter tops, and stalls
  • Cleaning bathroom mirrors, chrome fixtures, stainless steel, and soap dispensers
  • Cleaning urinals and toilets, sinks, and changing stations

Outdoor Cleaning Services

  • Clearing weeds from grass and plant beds
  • Sweeping and mopping outdoor floors
  • Spot cleaning production lines, including steam, stuff, and wrap stations
  • Pick up rubbish from landscaped areas
  • Cleaning parking lots and wiping down patio furniture
  • Removing cigarette butts from cigarette urn

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

  • Steam cleaning
  • Emptying, wiping down, and sanitising refrigerators
  • Condiment and drink station cleaning
  • Washing and sanitising production line rubbish bins
  • Sweeping and mopping floors and skirting
  • Cleaning sinks, grills, ovens, slicers, canopy and ranges, fryers, stoves, shelves, and hot plates
  • Cleaning appliances used in food production and preparation
  • Wiping grease and grime from lighting and signs
  • Professional commercial kitchen cleaners

Dumbwaiter Cleaning Services

At Keen to Clean, we use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and equipment for our restaurant cleaning and cleaning services for kitchens. We can tailor our cleaning services for any kitchen in Sydney and Melbourne to suit your individual needs and ensure your schedule is never disrupted.

For more information on commercial kitchen cleaning services in Melbourne or Sydney using our commercial kitchen cleaners, or for a free, no-obligations consultation, contact Keen to Clean.

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