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3 Most Effective Ways To Approach The Cleaning Of Aged Care Facilities In Melbourne

3 Most Effective Ways To Approach The Cleaning Of Aged Care Facilities In Melbourne

It’s no secret that aged care facilities cop a bad rap these days. With so many examples of poorly managed aged care facilities in the news lately, it’s clear that conditions experienced in these centres are often less than acceptable. And even here in Melbourne, we are seeing examples of this all-too-common crisis.

Cleaning of aged care facilities is such a fundamental element of caring for the Melbourne society’s elderly; without effective, high-quality cleaning carried out by trained and experienced cleaning professionals, aged care residents and staff face the potential unchecked spread of illness and infection – and facility owners face potential litigation. It is so important to be sure that your professional cleaners have the experience, equipment, and tools to get the job done right.

So what are the 3 most effective ways to overcome common challenges faced when ensuring the effective cleaning of aged care facilities in Melbourne?

1. Education and ongoing staff training:

It is in the best interest of facility management and directors to ensure that staff are educated on best practice policies and procedures and continually trained in the effective day-to-day management of aged care facilities. This includes the overseeing of professional cleaning operations. The same goes for professional cleaning staff. When engaging professional cleaners, ensure that cleaning staff allocated to your facility are experienced and up-to-date with industry education and training. This goes a long way in being able to trust that your cleaners appropriately manage your centre’s cleaning requirements in the most effective and professional manner possible.

2. Infection control:

The elderly are a high-risk group when it comes to susceptibility to – and potential outcomes of – contracting infectious illnesses and the elderly of Melbourne are no exception. Quality, professional cleaners experienced in aged care facility cleaning will ensure best practises tried and tested from within the industry are applied to infection control situations, through both preventative and reactive approaches. If you’re unsure of your current cleaners’ infection control policies – ask for a rundown. The lives of your residents and staff could very well depend on this.

3. Compliance with legislative requirements & industry standards:

The Victorian aged care industry, like many high-risk industries, is held to strict cleaning standards which must be met without compromise. Engaging experienced and trained Melbourne-based professional cleaners will give you the best chance at ensuring state legislative requirements are understood and achieved. A good cleaning company will remain informed and up-to-date on changes in Victorian legislative requirements along with developments in cleaning procedures and technologies, and will continually educate their staff on such matters. They will conduct regular site audits to ensure company standards are met consistently. If your current cleaners aren’t working in this manner, it’s time to change!

Keen To Clean are committed to providing exceptional service to our aged care clients. We believe in assisting our clients to protect and nurture our aged care community in Melbourne. Keen To Clean currently service aged care facilities in Keysborough, Caulfield, Brighton, South Yarra, Doncaster, Blackburn, Altona, Williamstown, Footscray, Coburg, Thomastown, and Point Cook. If your Melbourne-based aged care facility requires the experienced and educated approach of quality professional cleaners who care, get in touch with us for a free quote today.