Why it’s so Important to trade through the COVID-19 pandemic & How to Keep Your Workplace Healthy at the Same Time

Why it’s so important to trade through this pandemic

As a global community, we are facing unprecedented uncertainty in the face of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic. The fast-spreading outbreak of COVID-19 has already had unimaginable impacts on our nation’s economy, and many businesses are torn between remaining open and trading through the uncertainty or playing it safe and closing their doors for an undetermined period of time. The problem with the latter is that the more businesses that take this anxiety-driven route, the more it has a knock-on effect on our already struggling economy.

So how do you keep trading and ensure your staff and customers are safe from potential COVID-19 infection?

Business as usual is not an option

At a time like this, we cannot simply bury our heads in the sand and carry on with “business as usual”. We must take measures to minimise the risk to our staff and customers. In addition to the Australian Government’s guidelines on social distancing, hand washing, and staying home if you feel unwell, businesses must take a serious look at cleaning and sanitization measures and how these can be fine-tuned to minimise risk of infection as much as possible. This may mean that – at least for a period of time – workplace professional cleaning schedules will need to be increased and methods tailored to mitigate risk and meet guidelines.

How can my professional cleaners help protect my staff and customers?

Quality and experienced professional cleaners are trained and equipped to applying best practices to high risk situations.  A reputable professional cleaning company will have protocols in place to ensure compliance with the latest Government guidelines through applying best practices when it comes to sanitization and disinfection of surfaces. Professional cleaners are able to assess the risk level of your workplace and upgrade your current cleaning schedule to mitigate the increased risk of contamination typical of such a highly transmissible virus.

This is especially crucial in keeping your staff and customers safe in a busy commercial office setting and other shared workplaces where staff work in close proximity to others or have frequent contact with customers. The COVID-19 virus is said to have the ability to survive on surfaces anywhere from a few hours to several days. Given how frequently surfaces are touched by multiple people in lunch rooms, bathrooms, reception areas, and communal “hot desk” types set-ups, there is no question that during an outbreak of global pandemic proportions, your usual cleaning schedule and methods should be reviewed and adjusted accordingly by experienced commercial office cleaning professionals. It could be the difference between keeping your staff and customers safe or failing to do so entirely – with ramifications that could be potentially fatal.

We’re here to help

At Keen To Clean, we’re working hard to keep updated and informed on the ever-evolving pandemic crisis, and continually reassessing our approach to meeting our customers’ unprecedented needs. Our experienced and dedicated team of professional cleaners can help take the anxiety and stress out of ensuring your premises are appropriately sanitized and disinfected, and your staff and customers are taken care of in such worrying times. Whatever your workplace or team set-up, we’ve got you covered. Be it a commercial office suite, intimate studio set-up, high-traffic healthcare clinic, retail premises or larger-scale commercial site, we can provide an effective cleaning schedule to meet your business’ unique needs. We currently service commercial and private clients in both regional and central Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

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