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Location: Hastings, around 200 patients a dayMedical Center Cleaning


Regular cleaning was occurring at the practice and the staff was happy with the results.

However, patients started reporting bad smells from the waiting room. This smell would be overwhelming during the day but would be almost completely absent by the time the practice was closed up.
Inspection at the start of the day by the staff and at the end of the day by the cleaners couldn’t identify any meaningful source of such a smell but as a concern despite that.

As the complaints started to get more frequent something had to be done.


The first step was identifying why the smell was appearing at all.

Every night as part of the cleaning service the carpets, upholstery and surfaces all got deodorised and sanitised. In the morning staff would inspect the area while preparing for the day and would consistently report the area smelled and looked fine.

Despite that by lunch the smell would start to spread and intensify. Often it would overpower even the air fresheners and spray deodorisers the staff employed.

At the end of the day though the smell was barely detectable.

The answer was under everyone’s noses all along: the upholstery.

Although the upholstery received regular surface deodorising and vacuuming, removing dirt and keeping it relatively fresh, it had not received a deep cleaning in some time. Trapped smells and bacteria meant that bad smells built up in the cushions and were blown out into the room anytime someone sat down.

This was the primary reason for the odd pattern and disappearing smells: during the busier parts of the day lots of patients sitting down and standing up caused more of the odour to spread around the room. But by the time the day ended and there were fewer people using the room the smell would dissipate fully and the room would seem to be back to normal.

Luckily Keen to Clean can organise upholstery and carpet steam cleaning services, so the seating in the waiting room immediately received the deep clean it required and was brought back to the condition it needed to be.

Complaints regarding the smell immediately ceased and there was also a strong visual impact as well: apparently the upholstery was several shades lighter of a gray than people realised or remembered.

Since then the practice gets their upholstery steam cleaned at least once a year and the ongoing cleaning has continued without concern.

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Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Delegate  – Keen to Clean professional in Medical Facility Cleaning Services – Melbourne, Sydney and AdelaideMedical Center Cleaning

Keen to Cleans believes and understands that diligent cleaning and hygiene in a medical facility environment is important to minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses. Healthy environment in an medical facility requires a systematized approach along with detailed cleaning and sanitation of surfaces is also required to minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses.  Keen to Clean Staff is highly trained in maintaining exceptional levels of hygiene and diligent cleaning in Medical Facility. Keen to Clean provides services for Medical Center, Vet Clinic, Dental Clinic, Public Clinic, Chemists Stores

Areas of Cleaning Performed by Keen to Clean staff:

Cleaning of Restrooms & Showers: We understand that being medical facility the restrooms tends to become more a area of concern. Our regular cleaning services will include scrubbing of all toilets, showers, partitions and sinks. It will also include the disinfecting of all counters, stall walls, fixtures, fittings, and push plates with our hospital grade eco friendly disinfectant.

Cleaning of Examination or Surgical areas: We understand that being medical facility the Examination or Surgical areas is the vital part of the facility and also area of concern. Our regular cleaning services will include scrubbing of floors, sinks and bench tops. It will also include the disinfecting of all counters, stall walls, fixtures and fitting with our hospital grade eco friendly disinfectant

Cleaning of Carpet Areas: Daily cleaning of carpet areas and periodic steam cleaning of carpet areas will keen carpets clean, fresh and germ free.

Cleaning & Maintenance of Hard Floors: Some floors require daily cleaning and some on periodic bases. A right kind of floor maintenance program will make all the difference in having a safer and healthier learning environments. We can buff, scrub, strip and seal floors as and when they are required. This can be tailored made depending upon your requirements.

Fight Cross Contamination – Keen to Clean provides colour coded micro fibre cloths and mope heads to differentiate the areas and also stop the spread of germs and eliminate cross contamination

Provide Eco- friendly Chemicals: Keen to Clean uses eco-friendly chemicals which will help us in creating a safe and hygiene learning environments. MSDS of all the chemicals that will be used at the premises will be provided upon our contract commencement.

Experienced and Well Trained Staff: Keen to Clean provided intensive training to its franchisee prior to commencing them cleaning on any facility. Itemised and task wise training is given to all franchisees and operators depending upon the facility which they take up for cleaning and all franchisees wear uniforms during the time of cleaning of premises.

Clean Efficient and Smarter: Keen to Clean provides colour coded micro fibre cloths and mope heads to differentiate the areas of cleaning and also to ensure a good result on every surface.

Advanced Industrial Equipment’s: Keen to Clean provided latest commercial cleaning equipment which are industry grade. Our backpack vacuums which high suction to remove dirt and also to keep it out of air, all mope buckets are colour coded and with safety signs + more.

Sanitize and Disinfection: Keen to Clean operates with hospital strength disinfectants and sanitizers to provide a broad kill spectrum, with minimum volume usage.

OH&S Work Safety Methods: We train our franchisees in MSDS Compliance Chemical Handling, Compliance Equipment Handling, Hazardous Communication Standard and Label Compliance Standard.

Frequent Inspection and Cleaning Audits: All of our commercial services are backed by quality control and are performed in accordance with your specifications. We also provide you with an important paper trail to ensure that frequent audits, inspections and tasks have been completed within the frequency stipulated.

A Complete Package: Keen to Clean will evaluate your requirements and utilize the latest in cleaning technologies to provide you with a complete cleaning solution at a competitive price. Medical facility which has any unique requirements, or needs a vast range of services, Keen to Clean experienced and well-informed team can tailor a package specific to your requirements and also including the cleaning the office, examination or surgical areas, waiting rooms, labs, administration areas, building and car park.

Keen to Clean will provide you with a complete cleaning package to ensure your site remains cared for to a high standard.

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