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Medical Center Cleaning Hastings

Medical Center Cleaning Hastings – Service Provider Keen to Clean

Location: Hastings, around 200 patients a day


Regular cleaning was occurring at the practice and the staff was happy with the results.

However, patients started reporting bad smells from the waiting room. This smell would be overwhelming during the day but would be almost completely absent by the time the practice was closed up.
Inspection at the start of the day by the staff and at the end of the day by the cleaners couldn’t identify any meaningful source of such a smell but as a concern despite that.

As the complaints started to get more frequent something had to be done.


The first step was identifying why the smell was appearing at all.

Every night as part of the cleaning service the carpets, upholstery and surfaces all got deodorised and sanitised. In the morning staff would inspect the area while preparing for the day and would consistently report the area smelled and looked fine.

Despite that by lunch the smell would start to spread and intensify. Often it would overpower even the air fresheners and spray deodorisers the staff employed.

At the end of the day though the smell was barely detectable.

The answer was under everyone’s noses all along: the upholstery.

Although the upholstery received regular surface deodorising and vacuuming, removing dirt and keeping it relatively fresh, it had not received a deep cleaning in some time. Trapped smells and bacteria meant that bad smells built up in the cushions and were blown out into the room anytime someone sat down.

This was the primary reason for the odd pattern and disappearing smells: during the busier parts of the day lots of patients sitting down and standing up caused more of the odour to spread around the room. But by the time the day ended and there were fewer people using the room the smell would dissipate fully and the room would seem to be back to normal.

Luckily Keen to Clean can organise upholstery and carpet steam cleaning services, so the seating in the waiting room immediately received the deep clean it required and was brought back to the condition it needed to be.

Complaints regarding the smell immediately ceased and there was also a strong visual impact as well: apparently the upholstery was several shades lighter of a gray than people realised or remembered.

Since then the practice gets their upholstery steam cleaned at least once a year and the ongoing cleaning has continued without concern.

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