Keen to Clean ISO Certified Company

The Keen to Clean Group is leading its management revolution by also having the company ISO certified in not just one but three categories through DAS Certification. The certifications come as the group continues to expand and reach new targets, assuring that the system backing it up is as good as it can be and continues to grow

ISO certification is an important business acknowledgement as it is a thorough audit of the documentation, practices and goals of the business on multiple business fronts. Only businesses that have contingencies, follow legal and protocol obligations and allow for accommodation of new ones later can hope to pass, and to achieve three simultaneously is unusual. The categories were ISO – 9001 – 2015 (Quality), ISO 14001 – 2015 (Environmental), and ISO 18001 – 2007 (OHS&S), the three integral pillars of the Keen to Clean Group brand’s success.

CEO Rohit Chand was excited to have the certifications approved after months of preparations. “In business it is all good and well to talk about what you do and how you manage; it is only through objective outside analysis that we can say that we are really doing the right thing.” “With these certifications we are showing there is a sound and professional backend to our services and we know that will lead to bigger and better things going forward.”

Medical Center Cleaning Hastings

Medical Center Cleaning Hastings – Service Provider Keen to Clean

Location: Hastings, around 200 patients a dayMedical Center Cleaning


Regular cleaning was occurring at the practice and the staff was happy with the results.

However, patients started reporting bad smells from the waiting room. This smell would be overwhelming during the day but would be almost completely absent by the time the practice was closed up.
Inspection at the start of the day by the staff and at the end of the day by the cleaners couldn’t identify any meaningful source of such a smell but as a concern despite that.

As the complaints started to get more frequent something had to be done.


The first step was identifying why the smell was appearing at all.

Every night as part of the cleaning service the carpets, upholstery and surfaces all got deodorised and sanitised. In the morning staff would inspect the area while preparing for the day and would consistently report the area smelled and looked fine.

Despite that by lunch the smell would start to spread and intensify. Often it would overpower even the air fresheners and spray deodorisers the staff employed.

At the end of the day though the smell was barely detectable.

The answer was under everyone’s noses all along: the upholstery.

Although the upholstery received regular surface deodorising and vacuuming, removing dirt and keeping it relatively fresh, it had not received a deep cleaning in some time. Trapped smells and bacteria meant that bad smells built up in the cushions and were blown out into the room anytime someone sat down.

This was the primary reason for the odd pattern and disappearing smells: during the busier parts of the day lots of patients sitting down and standing up caused more of the odour to spread around the room. But by the time the day ended and there were fewer people using the room the smell would dissipate fully and the room would seem to be back to normal.

Luckily Keen to Clean can organise upholstery and carpet steam cleaning services, so the seating in the waiting room immediately received the deep clean it required and was brought back to the condition it needed to be.

Complaints regarding the smell immediately ceased and there was also a strong visual impact as well: apparently the upholstery was several shades lighter of a gray than people realised or remembered.

Since then the practice gets their upholstery steam cleaned at least once a year and the ongoing cleaning has continued without concern.

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Child Care Cleaning Richmond

Child Care Cleaning Richmond – Service Provider Keen to CleanKeen to Clean - Child Care Cleaning

Location: Child Care Center in Richmond, around 90 regular attendees across all sessions.

Problem: Even with regular vacuuming, the carpets started to smell.

Regular vacuuming is an important part of keeping a Child Care Clean. If you aren’t vacuuming every day, or at least every other day, dust and dirt will quickly build up and that can have a big impact on the health and comfort of young children.

But even with regular vacuuming this center found that the carpets were looking worn down and developing a smell.


In reality, for any carpet regular vacuuming is only part of the overall required maintenance.

The other half is regular Steam Cleaning. Most carpet producers suggest yearly steam cleaning for domestic properties, as it is the only system that offers a deep clean that will remove all germ and smell buildups.

Areas with high traffic like offices and schools, or areas that are prone to getting dirty or soiled frequently like retirement homes and restaurants, require much more frequent deep cleaning that only steam cleaning can offer. A Child Care Center is a combination of both high traffic and high soiling factor so it particularly needs to be done often.

Organizing at least quarterly deep cleaning helped assure that no smells built up. The job could be scheduled during breaks or overnight and still be dry for the children the next day.

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Child Care Cleaning Bentleigh

Child Care Cleaning Bentleigh – Service Provider Keen to CleanChild Care Cleaning

Location: Child Care Centre in Bentleigh, around 90 regular attendees across all sessions with 23 staff.

Problem: Despite regular cleaning, illness seemed to be spreading at an unreasonable rate.

Regular cleaning and sanitisation of common contact areas is integral for Child Care Centres, particularly during winter where germ spread is higher than ever.

Generally with regular cleaning you can help reduce the rapid spread of illness to a degree, but despite regular attendance one centre found that outbreak was not abated at all.

With a stable of around 90 children attending, nearly half of them at any given time were ill and the cycle seemed to be impossible to break as they passed it on and around.


Assessing the cleaning and what was covered, it was soon determined the real culprit was actually one of the most obvious things you would associate with a kid: the toys in the communal play area. Because all the children interacted with them, germs spread fast.

To combat this toys were incorporated into the cleaning schedule, but it of course left the question of the best approach.

Strong antibacterial agents often left strong smells that young children are sensitive to, and if the chemicals are too harsh it may affect the toys or finish of the surfaces and paints.

Too much water could damage electronics and get into joints, so traditional sponge approaches were a risk.

In the end wet wipes with sanitisation elements were deemed a good balance. They allowed for quick but thorough wipe overs of the toys, helped remove germs and the like, and many brands have neutral or pleasant fragrances.

By adding in toy cleaning to the cleaning rotation the spread of germs was able to be cut down significantly and the toys themselves looked and smelled a lot nicer.

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Child Care Cleaning – Safety Tips

Keen to Clean – Child Care Centers Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney!!Child-Care-Cleaning-Service

Cleaning vs Sanitizing vs Disinfecting

A huge element of child care centres is making sure the place is as clean and comfortable as possible. As young children are sensitive to both germs and harsh chemicals and smells, striking that fine balance is necessary.

Part of maintaining the balance is understanding the different products and ways we clean areas and why.

Cleaning is generally just removing dust, dirt and buildups. Most cleaning products don’t necessarily kill germs themselves, instead they are designed to break up anything stuck on surfaces and remove ways that germs can build up easily. The reason this is useful is that most detergents are not very harsh so kids won’t have as many issues dealing with them. Frequent use is recommended, especially floors and the like.

Sanitizing is for areas that are likely to have buildups but also a lot of direct contact. While the products will kill germs, generally they are heavily fragranced or dissipate quickly so that there is no residual bad smells or chances for reactions. This sort of thing is great for frequent use, such as a sanitizing wipe cleandown of tables while kids are outside or a spray down with a surface deodorizer. Keep in mind though that sanitizing, even frequently, is not enough and the place will need a more thorough process occasionally.

Disinfecting is much more heavy duty and tends to require much stronger chemicals. While pure health benefits suggest that disinfecting most of the time is the best option, it can leave the area smelling like a hospital and many children react very negatively to that sort of thing. As such using these sorts of products at the end of a day so they have overnight for the fumes to clear up is often the way to go.

Having a range of products and understanding when and where to use them is an important part of maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of a child care centre. Even with regular cleaning from professionals having a range of equipment for day to day use is still worthwhile.

But when it comes to ongoing cleaning, especially the deep disinfecting necessary to keep kids truly safe then it is best to organize a quote and cleaning with Keen to Clean, who will work hand in hand with you to make each new day a clean one.

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Upholstery Cleaning – Tips

Keen to Clean – Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney!!

Upholstery is the cornerstone of most lounges and living areas and they tend to get a lot of traffic. Not surprisingly, this means they can get dirty and smelly if ignored and really suck the fun out of sitting and relaxing.Upholstery Cleaning

But with a few simple tricks and making sure you include the upholstery in your basic cleaning cycles you would be surprised what impact you can have.

Vacuuming is the cornerstone of lounge cleaning for a reason, as it can easily be used on your upholstery as well, especially if the upholstery is fabric. Many even come with those little vacuum heads that make it easier to get into the nooks and crannies of the couch. The real tip though is to remember not to just vacuum under the cushions but to remember to always vacuum the cushions themselves. Not only will you get a ton of dust and dirt out, it will really help reduce any smell buildups.

If the couch has a smooth texture like leather or a synthetic one like leather, then you can use a wet wipe to clean them off as well. Just be careful not to get the surfaces too moist as certain fabrics don’t always react well to liquid. Antibacterial wipes are best as they will help kill any buildups that might be on the surface.

Deodorizer sprays can be a godsend for older couches, with many offer
ing the added benefit of disinfecting the couch in the process. You can find them domestically at supermarkets and so long as you check the usage instructions of the product includes fabrics [most tend to be clear about that] then they can add years to the lifespan of the fabric… or at the very least make the years you do have with them a lot more pleasant.

Fabric protectors are a straightforward way to extend the lifespan of your fabric by adding a layer of protection and you have a lot of brands to choose from. Make sure you follow the basic instructions but even spread of the product leads to the best results. Don’t forget to continue vacuuming though, as the protection just helps to stop things soaking in but the fabric can well and truly get dusty.

But ultimately the best way to improve the condition of the fabric or give it a deep clean is to get the upholstery steam or dry cleaned periodically. Keen to Clean is more than happy to organize a service for you so that you can enjoy your upholstery at its best for longer.

Please contact Keen to Clean on 1300 73 79 78 for organizing an obligation free quote for all you Upholstery Cleaning needs.

Child Care Cleaning – Tips 1

Keen to Clean – Child Care Centers Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney!!

Child Care Centres have some of the toughtest clients to deal with: kids. They are happy to make mess but also the most likely to suffer as a result of it. Thus keeping a centre is all about keeping things as clean as possible.

Some areas that are worth day to day consideration are:

Floors are a big deal as kids are prone to drag as much dirt in as possible while also insisting on rolling around on the ground. Thus any chance you get you should be vacuuming or mopping. But don’t underestimate the simple stuff either: a basic sweep of the main thoroughfairs and sitting areas or a quick wetwipe mop during lunch break might not replace the full chore, but it will make the job at the end of the day easier and also make the place more comfortable for everyone involved.

Wet wipes are also great for tables and doorhandles and other dry surfaces. A quick wipedown can help minimize germs spreading, especially if food is involved. Be sure that the wetwipes have some germ killing elements though, as many are simply moisturized or fragranced and don’t have any active elements.

If kids are making the room smell then surface deodorisers and air freshners can make a huge difference. Choosing a range that the kids don’t dislike is obviously important, but many of the brands also have settings that let you lower the output and intensity of the smells as well. Or in the case of aerosol cans just don’t go too heavy on the spray, as tempting as it may seem.

Ultimately having some basic equipment and sneaking in a clean where you can will have a big impact on the comfort of the centre. But in the end regular thorough cleaning is a must and your best option for that would be to organize a quote and ongoing cleaning with Keen to Clean.

Please contact Keen to Clean on 1300 73 79 78 for an obligation free quote for Child Care Cleaning.

Aged Care Cleaning in Melbourne & Sydney

Maintain a safe, healthy and comfortable facility with our aged care cleaning services

Aged Care Cleaning Melbourne and Sydney
Keeping an aged care facility clean and sanitary is important for several reasons. In addition to the health aspects, it enables your residents to reside in a clean and safe environment with an uplifting atmosphere that benefits everyone. This can play a pivotal role in keeping their spirits up and encouraging them to remain healthy, safe and happy. But maintaining a proper cleanliness standard is a big job, and it calls for an experienced professional. With years of experience and all the right equipment, Keen to Clean has the professionalism you need. We can easily take the burden of cleaning and maintenance services off your hands!

Keen to Clean uses only environmentally-friendly products and practices, and we abide by all industry standards. We also tailor our services to each client’s specific circumstances, so you can rely on us to provide an affordable aged care cleaning package that suits your needs perfectly. Depending on your requirements, we can set up a daily, weekly or fortnightly schedule, at a time that doesn’t interfere with your residents and staff.

With stringent quality control measures, you can rest assured that we’ll go above and beyond to achieve your 100% satisfaction.

Our range of aged care cleaning services includes:

From daily room cleaning to comprehensive sanitation of all communal areas, you can rely on us to do it all. Depending on your specific requirements, our services can cover:

  • Dusting of furniture and tables
  • Indoor and outdoor window cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Scrubbing of shower tiles and bases
  • Scrubbing of sinks
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Rubbish removal services
  • Buffing, stripping and polishing of hard floors
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Cleaning of office areas
  • And more!

Please contact Keen to Clean on 1300 737 978 today for all your aged care cleaning services, anywhere in Melbourne or Sydney.

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Shopping Centre Cleaning in Melbourne & Sydney

Give your shoppers the ultimate retail experience with our professional shopping centre cleaning services

Shopping malls see tremendous casual traffic and are a central hub to many businesses. Whether it’s individual retail storefronts or the public areas of a shopping centre, offering a clean and sanitary experience for customers is an absolute must if you want to retain customers and growth.

As such getting the right team of cleaners in to handle your ongoing cleaning can mean the difference between a once only visit and a regular schedule. As Melbourne and Sydney’s leading team of cleaners, you can rely on Keen to Clean to get the job done right.

Depending on your shopping centre’s layouts and needs, we can create custom cleaning packages to assure you are kept at peak cleanliness as much as possible. Plus our experienced staff will work with you to ensure that there is no disruption to the centre’s operational processes and schedules.

For 100% satisfaction every day, employ Keen to Clean’s shopping centre cleaning services and see your business grow. Call on 1300 737 978 for an obligation-free quote today.

Available anywhere in Melbourne and Sydney, our shopping centre cleaning services can include:

  • Emptying waste baskets and waste containers
  • Mopping floors
  • Cleaning sills, ledges and mouldings
  • Mopping lift floors, sanitising lift buttons and panel, cleaning glass surfaces and doors in the lift
  • Cleaning escalator entrances and exits
  • Sanitising escalator grip runners
  • Spot cleaning escalator panels
  • Spot cleaning shop front glass
  • Cleaning the reception lobby
  • Spot cleaning spills on the floor whenever required
  • Spot cleaning doors, door frames, light switches, handles, walls and interior glass
  • Deep cleaning the shop floor
  • Removing debris from landscape pots and planters
  • Dust and clean baseboards, ledges and exit signs
  • Empty ashtrays and clean sand urns and refill, if required
  • Spot clean and vacuum carpets
  • Stripping, sealing, waxing and burnishing floor
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitising
  • Clean and sanitise water fountains

Once completed, the staff will ensure that all doors are secured and turn off unnecessary lights as per your specific requirements.

Keen to Clean offers shopping centre cleaning with a difference

We can also organise less frequent or specialist service packages, including:

  • Reporting burned out lights
  • Buffing, stripping and polishing of hard floors
  • Steam cleaning for carpets and upholstery
  • Trash collection
  • High pressure cleaning for external windows, façades and concrete floors
  • One off pre- and post- construction builders’ cleans
  • Elaborate cleaning up before and after special events
  • Garden maintenance

By organising an assessment and quote we can discuss your needs and develop a schedule that works for you and your staff. Contact us on 1300 737 978 today.

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Vet Clinic Cleaning – Necessity

Why is it Necessary to Clean Vet Clinic??

As a medical facility utmost cleanliness is obviously a necessity for both the wellbeing of the pets brought in as patients and for maintaining a positive public image for the clients bringing them in. To assure there is no risk of contagions spreading and making sure people are clean and comfortable when visiting you need a dedicated team of cleaners who are confident and competent at cleaning these sorts of facilities because at the end of the day a vet clinic can face some very unique mess opportunities.

Keen to Clean has expertise in sanitising soiled surfaces to remove contaminations, disinfecting to kill bacteria, decontaminating surfaces that have seen spills and splashes of blood or other body substances, sanitising the walls and ceilings of a veterinary clinic with microfibre, cleansing waiting and operating areas, cages, windows, furniture, equipment, bathrooms and benches. For floors we can organize regular mopping and vacuuming as well as specialist buffing for hard floors or steam cleaning of carpets to assure that all hair and potentially harmful material is removed.

The use of harsh chemicals is not advisable in an animal health care unit, especially areas that animals may come into contact with them. Keen to Clean uses only industry suggested environment-friendly chemicals and disinfectants to decontaminate the clinic. Cleaning experts from Keen to Clean are debriefed on protocols in sanitising a veterinary clinic, and follow safety standards to provide quality service, following it up with prompt audits and inspections.

So let Keen to Clean assist you in maintaining your Veterinary clinic because they understand that it is an important job and the more time your team can focus on getting sick animals well the better.

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Keen to Clean Offer Vet Clinic Cleaning Services in Melbourne and Sydney!!