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Window Cleaning – Tips

What is better than a room with a view? One that remains crystal clear even when the scenery changes. But, that’s easier said than done, thanks to dust, grime and unexpected sealant leakages on glass windows.

Our usual handymen – spray bottles and rags – are not going to be enough to ensure smear- and streak-free windows. You can, however achieve sparkling results with newer window cleaning equipment and techniques. The right window cleaning solution and a high quality squeegee wielded by an expert can usually get you the desired results.

Other professional equipment that could make your job easier include a window washer, scrapers to peel away sticky tapes and such, a handy bucket to hold cleaning liquid, an extension pole and a swivel.

If green is your thing, then vinegar and water in a spray bottle could help you do your bit for nature. However, many high quality cleaning products are manufactured with the safety of the environment in mind, so you can let your conscience rest on that account.

Our cities are becoming concrete-and-glass jungles, and with that comes the need for additional equipment like scaffolds that will help professionals tackle hard-to-reach spots and ensure their safety as well.

Attention to detail cannot be stressed enough on this job, as failure to wipe away cleaning solution residues and even water could eat into the glass leaving stains. So, it is best to call in a professional.

Window cleaning is an art, and service providers like Keen to Clean can help you appreciate the results of a window cleaning job well done without getting your hands dirty. Keen to Clean does the background checks on expert window cleaners, providing you with skilled and friendly professionals who can help you retain the picture perfect view you’ve always wanted for your home or office.

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