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Vet Clinic Cleaning – Necessity

Why is it Necessary to Clean Vet Clinic??

As a medical facility utmost cleanliness is obviously a necessity for both the wellbeing of the pets brought in as patients and for maintaining a positive public image for the clients bringing them in. To assure there is no risk of contagions spreading and making sure people are clean and comfortable when visiting you need a dedicated team of cleaners who are confident and competent at cleaning these sorts of facilities because at the end of the day a vet clinic can face some very unique mess opportunities.

Keen to Clean has expertise in sanitising soiled surfaces to remove contaminations, disinfecting to kill bacteria, decontaminating surfaces that have seen spills and splashes of blood or other body substances, sanitising the walls and ceilings of a veterinary clinic with microfibre, cleansing waiting and operating areas, cages, windows, furniture, equipment, bathrooms and benches. For floors we can organize regular mopping and vacuuming as well as specialist buffing for hard floors or steam cleaning of carpets to assure that all hair and potentially harmful material is removed.

The use of harsh chemicals is not advisable in an animal health care unit, especially areas that animals may come into contact with them. Keen to Clean uses only industry suggested environment-friendly chemicals and disinfectants to decontaminate the clinic. Cleaning experts from Keen to Clean are debriefed on protocols in sanitising a veterinary clinic, and follow safety standards to provide quality service, following it up with prompt audits and inspections.

So let Keen to Clean assist you in maintaining your Veterinary clinic because they understand that it is an important job and the more time your team can focus on getting sick animals well the better.

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Keen to Clean Offer Vet Clinic Cleaning Services in Melbourne and Sydney!!