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Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Hire Keen to Clean for all your Upholstery Steam Cleaning Commercial or Residential!!

Melbourne and Sydney

Its been six months since you bought that stunning jasmine white upholstered sofa and beautiful paisley patterned cushions to offset it. And you can already notice the difference! The sofa has started changing colour to a pale beige, and the paisley cushions are beginning to get extra lines that were not part of the original pattern. Whats worse, you got a lipstick stain on the butter yellow couch.

Fret not. What your upholstery needs is not just a haphazard vacuum cleaning experience or a desperate spot removal application. One session of upholstery cleaning by cleaning service providers Keen to Clean will have your furniture looking as good as new, and erase those stress lines off your face and put a smile on it as the compliments keep coming in.

Keen to Clean has seen every kind of fabric there is – micro and macro suede, plush, synthetic, leather or linen. You can use their service to get your lounge, sofa, chairs, recliner, chaise, mattresses, car seats, caravans, curtains, carpets or office dividers free from dust and dirt and looking better than they will ever be.

Keen to Clean uses the latest techniques like the hot water extraction system, a powerful cleaning system that cleans the fabric and dries it at express speed, or carbonation to lift dirt and soil to the surface of your fabric upholstery from where it can be sucked away. The professionals use special and customised upholstery fibre cleaning solutions to get the best results. The products and techniques used will have your furniture smelling fresh and clean and give them new life.

Signing up for Keen to Cleans services will help you give your upholstery the attention they need, particularly in a home with children and pets. They know to use exactly the right product for each fabric, giving your assets the tender loving care they need. You can rest assured that their eco-friendly products are safe for children and pets.

A visit from professionals at Keen to Clean will give your assets a distinct advantage. A thorough cleaning will remove allergens, give longer life to your furniture, and while it is in use your furniture will look and smell better. Once the job is done, Keen to Clean can also help prevent further staining of your upholstery by offering protection for the fabric.

Keen to Cleans affordable pricing, customer testimonials and reviews, and their cleaning techniques and expertise make them your best bet for great service. Call on 1300 73 79 78 now for a free quote and stay house proud.