Top 100 Companies BRW 2012: Keen to Clean Bagged Spot 88

Bagged Spot 88 BRW 2012 Fast 100 Chart for Growth! Keenness Can only Grow!!

Keen to Clean Has Blasted onto yet another BRW Fast 100 chart taking spot 88 for 2012 in Growth.
Still celebrating recent victories in the franchise accolade world the Keen to Clean Group has shown it is well and truly not stopping there by making its first entry onto the BRW Fast 100 Growth list for 2012 at spot 88. The listing comes after earlier this year finding their way to the top 5 of the BRW Fast Franchises and spot 8 on the Fast Starters list for 2012. Yet again the Keen to Clean Group is representing the cleaning industry on a national scale.
The BRW Fast 100 list has been listing the top growing companies with fewer than 200 employees. It is an interesting look into the growth patterns of Australia’s most successful businesses. Companies have to agree to a thorough financial review and also offer their personal views and insights into the industry they are a part of and abroad. To appear on the list is a much sought after acknowledgment, particularly for groups like Keen to Clean where their industry is heavily underrepresented.
The Keen to Clean Group is a Melbourne based cleaning organisation that started out with very humble beginnings. Relying on the co-founders pooling every penny they could into kick starting the business in 2003, since then it has undergone a complete rebirth as a franchise based operation in 2008 taking on the more familiar Keen to Clean Group title at that time. Since then the group has had many successes amongst several BRW Fast List spots, including recent FCA and My Business Award trophies. The BRW listing is a sure sign that the effort is paying off.
“I’ll never say it wasn’t hard starting up the business, but that effort is exactly what will fuel the growth,” muses Brijesh Purohit, Managing Director of Keen to Clean. “We have never forgotten that hard work, being keen, is what got us where we are and is pushing us where we are going.”
“This is proof of our growth, and growth will always favour the people that matter most: our clients. Every day we are better equipped to meet your needs, and I hope that we can demonstrate that keen attitude to everyone.”
The BRW Fast 100 ranking Keen to Clean Group is ready to handle your cleaning needs anytime. Contact or 1300 737 978 anytime to organise a quote or make a booking