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Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean and Tidy

Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean and Tidy

In most homes it is common to use carpets, especially during the winter season. Rugs and carpets are those decorative elements which help you create a warmer and more welcoming environment. They protect you from the cold, in addition to deadening the noise of the footsteps and perfectly harmonising the spaces.

However, the problem with carpets and rugs is that being made of absorbent fabrics such as cotton, wool or vegetable fibres, they get dirty easily. It is logical that when stepping on them daily, many times with shoes that come dirty from the street, their appearance will deteriorate.

Moreover, the dirty carpet becomes the breeding place of bacteria, fungi and many other harmful microbes.

Thus, cleaning the carpet or rugs by a professional becomes a task that should be paid attention to, and we would advise you not to wait too long to hire an expert for carpet cleaning in Melbourne if you want it to retain the look that you fell in love with when you bought it.

How to keep your carpet clean?

The main thing is to vacuum the carpet weekly, or even daily if you have animals, small children or people allergic to mites. It is also recommended, from time to time, to vacuum the underside of the carpet, as this way you will be able to eliminate all the dust in a more thorough way.

With this, you can eliminate most of the dirt that accumulates on a daily basis. However, there are other dirt particles that cannot be removed simply by vacuuming. These stick to the fibres of the carpet, especially when the stains are accompanied by moisture, dust or grease. In this case, calling a professional for carpet cleaning in Melbourne is a suitable option as they use specific products to clean carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Steps:

There are many carpet and rug cleaners available in Melbourne who can make your carpet look as spotless and bright as a new one. However, if you wish to clean them by yourself, there are a couple of steps that you can follow:

  • First, thoroughly vacuum both sides of the rug or carpet.
  • Next, apply the carpet cleaning solution on the carpet, making sure it is dispersed evenly. If the carpet is very large, we recommend making sections of approximately one square meter. This is so because, immediately after you have applied the solution, it should be brushed with a soft cloth or brush so that the cleaning agent completely penetrates the interior of the fibres.
  • Once this is done, we can continue with the rest of the carpet, and let the solution act for about 20 – 30 minutes. When you notice that the carpet or rug is already dry to the touch, it will be time to vacuum again to remove all the dirt and product remains.
  • The carpet cleaner also removes any bad odors that may have been impregnated (smell of food, smoke, pets, etc.) and instead you will feel a pleasant clean and fresh smell.
  • Any types of pathogens or microbes are also obliterated in this elaborate process of cleaning.

Since not all rugs or carpets are the same, so before applying any kind of cleaning agent on the carpet directly you can first test your cleaning product on an inconspicuous area of the rug or carpet, to ensure that the product does not damage the colour or feel of the fabric.

Such thorough carpet cleaning in Melbourne can be done as many times a year as you consider necessary, depending on how you use the carpet and how dirty it gets. But we always recommend doing this cleaning at least once a year, just before removing it for the summer season. So when the cold comes again, you will take out your carpet and it will look as clean and attractive as the first day you bought it. Although, for faultless professional cleaning, you will need to hire a reliable carpet cleaner like Keen to Clean.

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