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Tips To Best Prepare Your Workplace For Post COVID Return Of Staff

Tips To Best Prepare Your Workplace For Post COVID Return Of Staff

Whether it be following an outbreak, or simply preparing your workplace for a return to “business as usual”, give your staff and clients peace of mind by engaging a reputable cleaning company to carry out a professional, COVID-safe deep clean of your workplace.

When choosing a professional cleaning company for this crucial task, look for a reputable business that has well-documented (and readily available) policies and procedures on infection control. These should outline both the companies approach to infection control and the capabilities of trained and equipped staff.

Keen to Clan’s process for addressing outbreaks are outlined below. No outbreak? No problem. This same process can be applied to a post-COVID return to work where a business simply wishes to follow best practice in getting their team back to work safely:

  • Reporting & evacuation: The outbreak is reported to us by our valued client. We will then assist the client in evacuating the premises if needed and reporting the outbreak to authorities. (This step need not apply in the absence of an outbreak or confirmed case)
  • Site isolation: Keen To Clean will attend your premises and ensure all impacted areas are appropriately isolated – enacting further evacuation and isolation if this isn’t the case.
  • Site preparation: Next we prepare your site for deep cleaning, by conducting a thorough analysis of the site (including high touch areas) and documenting the areas to be treated, the chemicals and methods to be used, and the PPE to be worn by our trained staff.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing: Our team will begin by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all identified surfaces, followed by sanitization. This may involve the use of spraying or misting equipment to properly penetrate hard to reach surfaces.
  • Safe waste removal: Waste is safely deposited in special leak proof bags and removed from the premises for appropriate disposal. This includes any bio-waste resulting from the cleaning process as well as PPE gear worn by attending professional cleaners.
  • Clearance assessment and handover: After the 8-10 hour post-clean waiting period in which the site must remain undisturbed, our team will assess the site for clearance by ensuring it complies with health and safety requirements. Once our team is satisfied, we will complete the appropriate documentation and handover to you.

And that’s it! Once the Keen to Clean process is complete, your team will back able to return to their workplace knowing Management has done their due diligence and ensured it is a safe and healthy environment. Following through with a regular periodical cleaning schedule will help you keep on top of your health and safety obligations – and after going through the process outlined above, you should be able to feel confident with your choice of professional cleaning company.

What else can you do?

Making your staff aware of your efforts to have their workplace professionally deep cleaned will go a long way in helping them feel reassured and confident in their return to work. Providing hand sanitizer and masks, displaying COVID-safe educational signage, and having professional cleaners servicing the site on a regular basis are also all great ways to ensure a smooth transition back to work for your team.

We’re here for you

Looking for a reputable professional cleaning company to help prepare your workplace for a post-COVID return of staff? Keen to Clean is a triple ISO certified company with tried and tested infection control policies and procedures. We strive to adopt the best infection control practices and any additional recommendations from the Federal or State Government as well as the Department of Health and Human Services. With us, your workplace is in safe hands.

We currently service businesses in commercial, childcare, education, industrial, hospitality, retail aged and health care sectors. Our team attend clients in both regional and central Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Get in touch for a chat and a free quote today!