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Tips for Window Cleaning

General Cleaning: Windows

Cleaning windows is an important part of maintaining the visual appeal of your property. It is a relatively simple job, with all the necessary elements able to be purchased at your local supermarket and often at fairly cheap prices.
Things you will Need:
Cleaning Solution:

Washing your windows with water alone is not worth the time or effort. Even a basic window cleaning solution will offer benefits in terms of loosening up dirt and leaving a nice shine. Supermarkets offer a wide range of brands, many of the popular brands are more than enough.
The tool that will do the actual work. A lot of people get squeegees that are too large, aiming to get them as wide as their windows so they can get them done in one stroke. Don’t be fooled, this will make the job harder as you will find it a lot harder to get into small areas and along the rims. We usually advise that a foot wide edge is flexible enough to allow for use on most domestic windows of mirrors.

Miscellaneous rags, cloths and sponges: With any cleaning job you will need the basics. These can be purchased at all supermarkets, but you don’t necessarily need new ones for each job. Just make sure they are thoroughly cleaned first.
Cleaning the Windows:
Start by making sure that you remove all excess dust and spider webs with a rag. It doesn’t need to be too thorough, just do a wipe over of the window with an old rag or a sponge to get it loose. Make sure you don’t use a scouring pad or something too span or you risk scratching paint off or the glass.
Spray your cleaning solution on and allow to sit for a short time so that the chemicals can loosen up the dirt and sink in. That said, don’t go too far away as if the solution dries you will have to reapply it so that the squeegee can smoothly swipe.
In terms of using the squeegee so long as you are thorough and remember to overlap, you will get a degree of result. We recommend a horizontal zigzag pattern where you go across and then back in the opposite direction [making sure to overlap a little] repeatedly starting from the top of the window and moving down. This helps reduce streaking and means you don’t need to dry your squeegee as often, whilst using gravity to your advantage.
To finish off, use a dry rag to dry off the window sills and frames, wiping any excess dirt off in the process.

How Often Should it be Done?
We would recommend doing the windows at least once a month as it helps keep the job as manageable as possible.
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