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Tile and Grout Cleaning Tips 1

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Tiles are used in almost every part of the house – within and outside. The best laid ones can elevate the look of your home, but there is no stopping the dust and grime that collect on them, whether they are placed inside your kitchen or on your driveway.

Cleaning tiles requires time and painstaking attention to detail as simply cleaning your ceramic, marble, granite or porcelain surface will only help you achieve half the results. You can get sparkling results and make your tiled floor and walls look like new only when you clean the grout between the tiles.

Grout is a paste created by combining sand, water and cement and spread between tiles once the latter is laid. Grout gives you the finish for a tiled wall or floor and prevents materials from getting under the tiles. Unfortunately cleaning your tiles and neglecting the grout can make this space even more unattractive and make the whole area unappealing.

There are some do-it-yourself techniques to cleaning tiles and grout. You can use homemade cleaners and chemical solutions that can be picked off the shelf in the supermarket. The first step is to get your tools right. A grout brush that can reach tiny spaces, hand held pump sprayer, a mop to remove the slurry after cleaning, an alkaline or acid grout cleaner. Sometimes you may need to use both an acid and an alkaline solution, depending on how much grime you need to eliminate. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the slurry.

You can also make your own grout cleaner, instead of a chemical solution, by mixing three-fourth cup of baking soda with one-fourth cup of bleach.

The second step is to safeguard areas that you don’t want to be splashing chemicals on. This includes appliances, furniture and carpet. Mask with plastic and tape wherever possible. The third step is to clean the peripheral surface with a broom or vacuum cleaner.Next apply the cleaning solution to the grout, let it stand for around 10 to 15 minutes and scrub with a grout brush. Make sure that the solution doesnt dry on the grout joint. Add more cleaning solution to the grout joint every now and then to keep it moist.

Mop up the slurry with clean water, scrubbing the grout to dislodge any grime or dirt. Wait for the grout to dry and add a water based sealer to the grout using an applicator. Avoid getting the sealer on to the tile, as it may form a sticky residue and attract dirt.

Make sure that the grout is clean before adding the sealer, otherwise the sealer could trap the residual dirt in the grout and prevent further efforts at cleaning. For best results get professional help from a cleaning service provider like Keen to Clean. Their expert staff will have your tiled floors and walls shiny new in a day.

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