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Location: Fitzroy, 24 hour gym with around 80 regular visitors daily

Problem: Everything looked clean and surfaces lacked any obvious dirt or buildups, yet the gym was developing a very strong and unpleasant smell even right after a clean.

Due to the nature of exercise and the stench most people generate when they sweat a lot of gyms don’t smell great. This is particularly true during heavily active hours when lots of people are exercising.

One of the main functions of regular cleaning at a gym is to help combat this. Good regular cleaning should mean that the smell is reduced significantly.

But as we entered this gym to offer them a quote for cleaning one quiet weekday morning we were immediately hit by a very unusual and prominent smell, one we had not had the displeasure of dealing with before…


Superficially the gym was quite well kept. Surfaces looked clean, windows were nice and crisp and even less obvious places didn’t seem to have a buildup of dust. Their cleaners were obviously thorough, at least in terms of removing dirt.

We had to dig a little deeper to discover what the real culprit was: the cleaning products.

Sweat attracts a lot bacteria, which in turn creates body odour. This carries over to any surfaces it touches and, significantly, can combine with dirt to form buildups which are one of the more prominent sources of bad smells in gyms.

Logically that means a focus on removing buildups is functional, as it will help avoid smell buildups and has the most visual impact.

However, a focus on just removing dust and dirt might work in an office or even a school or something that just attracts traffic, but in a gym the prominence of bacteria means it needs to be treated in many ways as something closer to a medical facility where sanitisation and disinfecting are integral.

We advised the gym of our extensive range of effective sanitisation and disinfecting cleaning products and the way that we could maintain that quality of cleaning with the added benefit of cleaning in ways that couldn’t be seen.

A year on the gym has reported that the strong smell is nearly never present even on busy days and that regulars and new customers alike have enjoyed the ability to breath a little deeper.

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GYM Cleaning Tips

GYM Cleaning Tips – Keen to Clean Melbourne & Sydney

Appealing aesthetics and a sparkling clean gym add to the motivation of fitness enthusiasts. However, thats easier said than done, as there is germ pile up after every workout cycle. This could up the risk of infection and cause bad odours.

A recent survey found that the top cleaning issues that keep customers out of the gym are unpleasant odours, dirty equipment, unclean restrooms and locker rooms, dirty floors, lack of cleaning products to wipe down equipment, spills or stains on the floor or carpet, and dusty surfaces.

Regular maintenance means taking the pains to clean the source of the odour rather than just masking it with air freshener. It important to not only scrub the exercise machines but also the floor and walls around them to kill odour-causing bacteria. In addition to regular brooms, a range of efficient sweepers and scrubbers are available in the market for purchase and hire.

To avoid stains mop up spills and sticky spots immediately. Vacuum frequently and keep a stain removal solution where it can be accessed at a minute notice for spot cleaning. Sometimes there is a need to use an auto-scrubber with a non-abrasive pad to clean the floor thoroughly. Screen or refinish the gym floor once a year so it does not get slippery. This is best done by professionals.

Restroom’s Cleaning : There are no shortcuts for cleaning and sanitising this area of the gym. Automatic or drop-in toilet cleaners that you can deposit into the toilet tank or other models that can be suspended from the toilet tank or rim of the toilet help keep the toilet clean to a certain extent. Powder toilet cleaners are another option. But, there is no alternative to scrubbing the toilet bowl with a good toilet brush. So, just be ready to do that. And, protect your eyes with goggles and your hands with gloves while you are at the job.

Itss a good idea to keep paper towel dispensers and sanitising spray handy for customers to use when they see fit.

Equipment’s Cleaning : Keep a duster with an extension handle to dust surfaces at the end of each day. This will prevent dust from accumulating on equipment and surfaces. The most efficient way is to dust from the top down and moving in one direction across the room. This will ensure that you don’t miss a spot.

Such simple and routine cleaning can fix issues to a large extent, but occasionally the premises and the equipment have to undergo deep cleaning that can only be done by professionals. Keen to Clean personnel are thorough professionals who can get your gym shiny new and germ-free in a day, so you dont have to get your hands dirty.

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