Child Care Cleaning Richmond

Child Care Cleaning Richmond – Service Provider Keen to CleanKeen to Clean - Child Care Cleaning

Location: Child Care Center in Richmond, around 90 regular attendees across all sessions.

Problem: Even with regular vacuuming, the carpets started to smell.

Regular vacuuming is an important part of keeping a Child Care Clean. If you aren’t vacuuming every day, or at least every other day, dust and dirt will quickly build up and that can have a big impact on the health and comfort of young children.

But even with regular vacuuming this center found that the carpets were looking worn down and developing a smell.


In reality, for any carpet regular vacuuming is only part of the overall required maintenance.

The other half is regular Steam Cleaning. Most carpet producers suggest yearly steam cleaning for domestic properties, as it is the only system that offers a deep clean that will remove all germ and smell buildups.

Areas with high traffic like offices and schools, or areas that are prone to getting dirty or soiled frequently like retirement homes and restaurants, require much more frequent deep cleaning that only steam cleaning can offer. A Child Care Center is a combination of both high traffic and high soiling factor so it particularly needs to be done often.

Organizing at least quarterly deep cleaning helped assure that no smells built up. The job could be scheduled during breaks or overnight and still be dry for the children the next day.

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Child Care Cleaning Bentleigh

Child Care Cleaning Bentleigh – Service Provider Keen to CleanChild Care Cleaning

Location: Child Care Centre in Bentleigh, around 90 regular attendees across all sessions with 23 staff.

Problem: Despite regular cleaning, illness seemed to be spreading at an unreasonable rate.

Regular cleaning and sanitisation of common contact areas is integral for Child Care Centres, particularly during winter where germ spread is higher than ever.

Generally with regular cleaning you can help reduce the rapid spread of illness to a degree, but despite regular attendance one centre found that outbreak was not abated at all.

With a stable of around 90 children attending, nearly half of them at any given time were ill and the cycle seemed to be impossible to break as they passed it on and around.


Assessing the cleaning and what was covered, it was soon determined the real culprit was actually one of the most obvious things you would associate with a kid: the toys in the communal play area. Because all the children interacted with them, germs spread fast.

To combat this toys were incorporated into the cleaning schedule, but it of course left the question of the best approach.

Strong antibacterial agents often left strong smells that young children are sensitive to, and if the chemicals are too harsh it may affect the toys or finish of the surfaces and paints.

Too much water could damage electronics and get into joints, so traditional sponge approaches were a risk.

In the end wet wipes with sanitisation elements were deemed a good balance. They allowed for quick but thorough wipe overs of the toys, helped remove germs and the like, and many brands have neutral or pleasant fragrances.

By adding in toy cleaning to the cleaning rotation the spread of germs was able to be cut down significantly and the toys themselves looked and smelled a lot nicer.

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Child Care Cleaning – Tips 1

Keen to Clean – Child Care Centers Cleaning in Melbourne and Sydney!!

Child Care Centres have some of the toughtest clients to deal with: kids. They are happy to make mess but also the most likely to suffer as a result of it. Thus keeping a centre is all about keeping things as clean as possible.

Some areas that are worth day to day consideration are:

Floors are a big deal as kids are prone to drag as much dirt in as possible while also insisting on rolling around on the ground. Thus any chance you get you should be vacuuming or mopping. But don’t underestimate the simple stuff either: a basic sweep of the main thoroughfairs and sitting areas or a quick wetwipe mop during lunch break might not replace the full chore, but it will make the job at the end of the day easier and also make the place more comfortable for everyone involved.

Wet wipes are also great for tables and doorhandles and other dry surfaces. A quick wipedown can help minimize germs spreading, especially if food is involved. Be sure that the wetwipes have some germ killing elements though, as many are simply moisturized or fragranced and don’t have any active elements.

If kids are making the room smell then surface deodorisers and air freshners can make a huge difference. Choosing a range that the kids don’t dislike is obviously important, but many of the brands also have settings that let you lower the output and intensity of the smells as well. Or in the case of aerosol cans just don’t go too heavy on the spray, as tempting as it may seem.

Ultimately having some basic equipment and sneaking in a clean where you can will have a big impact on the comfort of the centre. But in the end regular thorough cleaning is a must and your best option for that would be to organize a quote and ongoing cleaning with Keen to Clean.

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