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Spring Cleaning

Tips for Spring Clean

Outdoor Cleaning
It was a wet and miserable winter and the thought of ever cleaning outside of the reach of your heater did not appeal. Winter was the perfect time for cleaning out the indoors, but now that the weather is nicer it is time to give your outdoors a little TLC. Although it may have been a wet old winter, that doesn’t mean the house is clean. Many areas will need a clean over, and its best to get it now before the summer months roll in and make the works unbearable in the heat.

Some area that you may want to focus on:

Windows from the outside. Chances are they will be webbed up or caked with dirt, so get them looking clean and the whole house will be brightened.
– The pavements and concrete around your property. Often the pavements can get mouldy or dirty over winter, so take the chance to give them a good scrub down or get us in for a pressure clean.
– Pruning back the garden. If it’s a jungle out there you ought to use the chance to get it under control. It will help keep insect levels down as well.
BBQ Cleaning
Although BBQs are often thought of as a summer thing, we say celebrate the improvement in weather as quickly as possible and crack out your barby in the spring!
But if you’re like most people, your bbq has had an entire winter to build up a particularly unappetising level of dirt and congealed grease. It isn’t a fun job, but it can be done with a little perseverance.
We recommend using a grease cutting product or specialist cleaner from the supermarket and a good degree of elbow grease. Also, make this the year you regularly clean it instead of waiting till the last minute like we always do every year before.
Mattress Airing
Getting your mattress steam cleaned is the best way of getting it really clean. But there are ways you can help that don’t involve a deep clean. Vacuuming, of course, is the easiest. Occasionally a once over with fabric odour remover that you can pick up at most supermarkets helps too. The final is airing out your mattress.
It is a simple practice but the nicer weather gives you the perfect opportunity in order to get your mattress some sun. It helps remove odours, kill build-ups of mould that might otherwise spread and helps to give the springs a workout as well. A few hours on a nice day will help give your bed a breath of fresh air.
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