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Spotlight On Cabramatta: 5 Reasons You Should Hire Professional Office Cleaners

Spotlight On Cabramatta: 5 Reasons You Should Hire Professional Office Cleaners

The bustling Cabramatta CBD is home to some of the most sought-after cuisines in the Greater Sydney Area; Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Cambodian and Lao eateries line the streets with their vibrant shop fronts – filling the air with their fragrant, mouth-watering aromas. But that’s not all you’ll find here, although such amazing food is reason enough to make the trip into town! Cabramatta CBD also houses a thriving and densely populated commercial hub – home to a plethora of commercial office spaces and medical specialist suites.

At Keen To Clean, we have the ongoing pleasure of providing commercial office suites in Cabramatta with top quality professional cleaning services – as well as sampling the local delicacies while we’re in town. Is your business located within the Cabramatta CBD? Considering hiring professional cleaners? Read on for five reasons why we believe you should strike up a relationship with a trusted commercial office cleaning company.

  1. Do it for your team: Business owners have a duty of care to provide their team with a safe and healthy workplace. But now more than ever, ‘safe and healthy workplace’ has taken on a new meaning. COVID-19 has no doubt had its impact on just how safe your staff feel coming to work. Give them peace of mind by engaging professionals who can ensure your cleaning schedule ticks all the right boxes.
  2. Improve team productivity: That’s right, if you follow the above advice, your team will reward you with less sick days, boosted team morale, and improved productivity. Studies have shown that tidy and clean office spaces really do influence workplace productivity in a substantial way. BUT these positive outcomes are potentially jeopardised when staff feel burdened by being personally responsible for cleaning tasks. The simple solution here? Hire professional cleaners and leave your staff to what they do best.
  3. Saves you time and money: By now you might be thinking, ‘But isn’t it cheaper to have my team do the cleaning themselves?’. The short answer is: not necessarily. Your team is there to do a job, and most often than not, that job directly impacts your company’s bottom line. Taking time away from work tasks to clean is not necessarily worth what you might save on professional cleaning costs. Paying professional cleaners is now more affordable than ever, and doing so ensures the job is done quickly, safely, and efficiently, by trained and properly equipped professionals.
  4. Polish up your professional image: It’s human nature to judge the appearance of your surroundings when entering a new environment, and your clients are no different. Investing in trusted professional cleaners is not only an investment in your team’s health and productivity, but also an investment in your business’ professional image. We invest so much in our team, marketing, networking… all to get our clients through the front door of our business. Why would you stop there? First impressions only happen once!
  5. Meet health and safety legislative requirements: Many business owners overlook the fact that office cleaning forms part of their legislative health and safety requirements. These legislative requirements are in place to protect your staff, clients, contractors… basically anyone who sets foot in your office. So, whether you take a DIY approach or invest in professionals, at the end of the day you have a legal obligation to meet these requirements. The beauty of enlisting professional office cleaners is that they can not only advise you on what your legislative requirements are but ensure these are met without a doubt. Legislation can be tricky. Our advice? Leave it to the professionals.

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