BRW Fast Starter – Spot 77 Keen to Clean Group

Spot 77 on the BRW Fast Starter – Keen to Clean Group
brw-fast-starters-2013While the Keen to Clean Group has been known by many for some time now having well and truly established its place in the Australian business and services scene the company is still considered young as a business. Proving yet again that the group will not be leaving the map Keen to Clean has secured spot 77 on the 2013 BRW Fast Starters List, up from 88 last year. This follows the recent top ten rank for 2013 BRW Fast Franchises, also a step up from last year, showing that the Keen to Clean Group, although an old new group, is continuing to grow.
Brijesh Purohit & Rohit Chand at BRW Fast Starters Awards 2013
The BRW Fast Starters list ranks businesses on revenue and growth across all industries. To qualify a business must have been formed in its current incarnation after June 2008. It is an important recognition for a company as it shows a working system off the mark but it is also an important indicator of market trends in Australia. Despite having a 5 year window to qualify for the award less than a third of the rankers this year were ranked last year.


Although the Keen to Clean Group administration and cleaners have existed for ten years, the group only officially embraced the franchise system and its current business and service structure in 2008. Re-branding as the Keen to Clean Group the company took a radically different approach to the way it handled its services and received significant positive critical and commercial success as a result. Representing its last year as a Fast Starter the Group is potentially the oldest company on the list and also the highest ranking cleaning group.
“The Group receiving a Fast Starter award at this age is a great result and hopefully will let people know that even though we have found our rhythm we are continuing to grow,” said Brijesh Purohit, Managing Director of Keen to Clean.
Rohit Chand, Recruiting Manager and himself a fast starter having joined the group in 2008 and moving his way up the ranks, is convinced the Group can keep up the momentum. “People are excited about cleaning being an industry that has prospects again,” he said of the implications of this award. “I get people who genuinely like to clean and help people coming to the group and wanting to be a part of it. I feel that the group will continue to grow and we will reach many more people, so be excited about the future of cleaning.”
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