Every child deserves to learn in a hygienic and clean environment. No parent, child, or teacher wants to deal with health issues and illness that can be easily prevented by regular cleaning services. At Keen to Clean, our expert cleaners can offer professional and affordable school cleaning services in Sydney.

Our experienced cleaners are fully certified to clean schools and have undergone thorough background checks. We only use the latest equipment and most effective cleaning methods, as we strive to offer the highest standard of cleaning possible.

By choosing Keen to Clean to provide your school cleaning services, you will ensure a productive learning environment. A clean environment allows teachers to focus on teaching and students to focus on their schoolwork, without being distracted by mess or grime. We can help your students and faculty feel comfortable, while maintaining a sense of professionalism by thoroughly cleaning the various classrooms and facilities at your school. We provide school cleaning in Sydney for day care centres, pre-schools, public and private schools, and university campuses.

Schools are high-traffic environments and can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Professional school cleaning can help to remove debris, dust, and germs from all surfaces to help keep your students and staff healthy and prevent outbreaks.

At Keen to Clean, we are committed to keeping your school clean through our school cleaning service all year round. We can provide school cleaning in Sydney and can work around your schedule, so we never disrupt your students or faculty.

Our School Cleaning Services In Sydney

At Keen to Clean, we provide a comprehensive assessment to determine the most problematic cleaning areas of your school, which will allow us to offer a cleaning service tailored to the needs of your school.

We only use environmentally friendly products and equipment to reduce our impact on the environment and ensure our products won’t have any negative effects on the children. Some of the school cleaning services we offer are:

School Bathroom And Shower Cleaning Services

  • Disinfecting all counters, fittings, fixtures, push plates, and walls
  • Scrubbing all showers, sinks, partitions, and toilets

Classroom And Office Cleaning Services

Garden Maintenance And External Area Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning of gutters
  • Daily cleaning of walkways
  • Cleaning of the grounds and play area
  • Hedge trimming and weeding
  • Daily cleaning of walkways
  • Blowing away dry leaves

Hard Floor Cleaning Services And Maintenance

  • Buffing, stripping, scrubbing, and sealing of floors
  • Periodic or daily floor cleaning

Carpeted Area Cleaning Services

  • Periodic steam clean
  • Daily cleaning of carpet areas

At Keen to Clean, our cleaners won’t settle for anything less than complete satisfaction with your school cleaning service.

Our cleaners only use environmentally-friendly, hospital-grade chemicals. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of all the chemicals used on site will be provided upon the commencement of the contract.

Our staff are very experienced and provided with extensive training. All operators and franchisees are provided with the same training before commencement on any job. All staff undergo a Working with Children Check as well as a thorough background check and will wear a uniform while cleaning your school.

All microfibre cloths and mop heads used while cleaning are colour coded to guarantee the best cleaning result on every surface, and ensures no cross-contamination. We use the latest cleaning technology to make sure you are getting the best cleaning service possible.

At Keen to Clean, all of our staff are trained in MSDS Compliance Chemical Handling, Hazardous Communication Standard, Compliance Equipment Handling, and Label Compliance Standard.

We Provide Cleaning Services For A Number Of Different Types Of School:

  • TAFE Institutes
  • Private school
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Job Training Institutes

TAFE Institutes Cleaning Services In Sydney

At Keen to Clean, we make it possible to have maximum cleanliness at your school while keeping costs down. Thanks to our strict quality-assurance programs, proven systems, and efficient cleaning schedules, we can provide quality school cleaning in Sydney at an affordable price.

Private School Cleaning Services Sydney

Private schools are a very competitive industry and aesthetics has a big influence on prospective parents and students, so it is important to keep your school looking its best. At Keen to Clean, our staff will always make sure to meet the high cleaning standards required by your school.

College And University Cleaning Services In Sydney

Our college and university cleaning services provide a safe and healthy environment to allow your students to learn in the best environment possible. Our staff strive to constantly exceed your expectations and deliver the best cleaning services possible so you can focus on other important elements of your college or university.

Job Training Institutes Cleaning Services In Sydney

Students need a safe and clean learning environment to prepare for their future. All of our staff are highly trained, so we can provide your students with an exceptionally clean learning environment.

For more information on school cleaning services in Sydney or for a free, no-obligation quote, contact Keen to Clean.

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