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Journey From Cleaner To Franchisor Keen To Clean Group Franchisors Shaking Hands
Keen to Clean Group is making some big changes behind the scenes. In response to the enormous increase in enquiries coming through the main office, Northern Master Franchise holders Rohit Bohara and Ketan Khant will step back from their territories in order to join the head office as the new Operations and Business Development Managers respectively. Expanding the head office team by two new managers will also allow for an improved support network for the cleaners and customers alike.

Choosing to put the growth of the company as a whole ahead of their personal franchise expansion, the pair will bring years of experience to the company. Reflecting on the reasons for the change, Mr Bohara said: “We felt that we could have more of an impact on the cleaning industry as part of the management team then as individuals, so we were more than happy to step down as franchisees.”

“Rohit and Ketan approached me about buying into the head office a few months back,” Said Mr Brijesh Purohit, Managing Director of the Keen to Clean Group. “It was not the first time someone had come to me wanting to invest in the Keen to Clean brand but it was the first time I felt that it would be beneficial to the brand.”

The Northern Master Franchise holders have enjoyed great success as cleaners, consistently receiving good feedback from customers and having one of the longest careers in the group. Mr Bohara started with the Keen to Clean group 4 years ago as a contractor working directly for the company. After building up an experience, he purchased a general cleaning franchise with the group before upgrading to a combo franchise and forming a team of sub-contractors. With a full support team, he became the Master Franchise holder of the entire Northern Melbourne region. Mr Bohara is the best example of the career prospects one can enjoy as part of the Keen to Clean Group, going from a humble contractor to franchisor.

The addition of the two new managers will allow for a significant increase in the ability of the main office to expand and accommodate for the ever-growing company. The extra resources will allow Keen to Clean Group to focus more than ever before on quality control and ongoing training for franchisee and their cleaning operators, which is great news for the customers of Keen to Clean Group. The Group is looking forward to improving upon their already industry leading service standards.

For those in the northern suburbs, the operators you know and trust will not change, so our customers will receive the same quality they have come to expect and enjoy.

If you would like to make a booking with Keen to Clean Group, for cleaning anywhere in Melbourne or Sydney, they can be contacted on 1300 737 978 for both domestic and commercial cleaning needs.

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