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Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services Melbourne & Sydney

It’s Friday evening, and if you are a restaurant owner you can already see the heart-warming sight of customers trickling in. Exceptional food, a great shopfront and courteous and attentive service are all must haves, but if your joint does not meet the health and hygiene benchmark then all your efforts and investment will go to waste.

In this age of online reviews and food blogging, it’s wise not to take the risk of ruining the reputation of your restaurant by neglecting sanitation. One bad rating could even bring the authorities to your doorstep and mire you down in an enquiry, and a misstep there could lead to a temporary shutdown.

Deep cleaning a restaurant includes vacuuming carpets in dining areas, steam cleaning of carpets & chairs, giving restrooms a facelift, tile and grout cleaning for  tiled floor surfaces, rolling out the mats, implementing a mop cleaning program, setting up a maintenance schedule for your drains, and sanitising hard-to-reach surfaces. Sounds like too many unpleasant things to do when you would much rather get to know your customers or ponder over how to expand and improve your business? Then leave it in the able hands of cleaning service providers Keen to Clean.

Their restaurant cleaning service includes:

* Sweeping and mopping floors and baseboards
* Emptying trash bins, and replacing bin liners
* Cleaning sinks and shelves
* Cleaning grills, stoves, ovens, fryers, slicers, hot plate and ranges
* Picking up trash on landscaped areas
* Spot cleaning production line, including steam, stuff and wrap station
* Cleaning toilets and urinals, sinks and changing stations
* Cleaning restroom counter tops, walls, stall, doors and signs
* Cleaning restroom mirrors, stainless steel, and chrome fixtures
* Cleaning restroom soap dispensers
* Cleaning chairs and tables
* Spot cleaning windows
* Condiment station cleaning
* Counters cleaning
* Drink station cleaning
* Cleaning dumpster area
* Wiping grease and grime off lightings and signs
* Clearing weeds from grass and plant beds – outside sitting area
* Removing cigarette butts from outdoor cigarette urn
* Cleaning parking lot
* Wiping down patio furniture
* Dusting picture frames, indoor plants and their containers
* Cleaning and polishing non-food contact stainless steel surfaces
* Washing and sanitising production line trash bins
* Cleaning registers and menu order boards
* Cleaning appliances used in food production
* Emptying, wiping down and sanitising refrigerators

Keen to Clean only uses safe and environment-friendly cleaning products to sanitise your food production and serving areas. Their cleaning experts are thorough professionals, who can go about their job in minimal time without disrupting your regular schedule. Keen to Clean can also provide you with specialised services to suit your needs. Keen to Clean can provided restaurant cleaning services in Richmond, South Melbourne, Melbourne, South Yarra, Port Melbourne, Dandenong, Chelsea, Docklands, Toorak, Parramata, North Sydney, Darling Harbor and in many more suburbs.

Contact Keen to Clean for all your Resturant Cleaning requirements on 1300 73 79 78 to learn more about what we can do for you or just click