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Keeping your kitchen appliances clean is essential for maintaining hygiene and ensuring your equipment functions efficiently. Different parts of your kitchen require various cleaning procedures, and appliances that are used frequently or come into direct contact with food need extra attention.

Want to learn the necessary steps to keep your kitchen appliances sparkling like professional commercial kitchen cleaners? Read along.

Maintain Espresso and Coffee Machines

Coffee machines, especially espresso machines, need regular maintenance to ensure they produce the best-tasting coffee and remain hygienic.

Flush the machine with hot water and a specialist cleaning fluid to remove coffee oils and residues. This prevents blockages and ensures the machine operates smoothly.

Descale Boilers, Water Heaters and Kettles

Kettles and water boilers should be cleaned and descaled regularly to prevent limescale build-up, which can affect their performance.

Descale the kettle once a month using a descaling solution or a mixture of vinegar and water. For high-usage environments, such as cafes that serve many hot drinks daily, descaling should be done weekly.

Clean Heavy Kitchen Appliances

Hobs and ovens are some of the most heavily used appliances in any kitchen. To maintain their cleanliness, wipe up any spillages after each use to prevent grease and grime build-up. This will make deep cleaning easier and keep your appliances in good working order. Clean the oven interiors with a specialist oven cleaning product to remove any baked-on food residues and keep your oven smelling fresh.

For commercial catering ovens, it’s recommended to have them deep cleaned by professional commercial kitchen cleaning services providers in Sydney at least once every six months. This ensures that all components are thoroughly cleaned and function correctly.

Timely Sanitise Refrigerators

Fridges are critical for food storage and hygiene. Regular cleaning prevents bacteria growth and keeps food fresh. Wipe and sanitize the interior surfaces of your fridges between every shift to remove any spills and food residues.

Perform a thorough cleaning once a week. Remove all items, clean the shelves and drawers with warm soapy water, and sanitize with an antibacterial cleaner. Proper fridge hygiene significantly impacts the quality and safety of your food.

Declogg Vents, Hoods, and Exhausts

Ventilation systems are crucial for maintaining air quality in your kitchen. Clogged vents can lead to grease and grime build-up on other surfaces.

For kitchens that do not use a deep fat fryer daily, clean vents and hoods at least once every 90 days. Fast food restaurants or those frequently using a deep fat fryer should deep clean these systems once every 30 days to ensure efficient ventilation.

Regularly Clean Up Microwaves

Microwaves are prone to splatters and spills, which can quickly become stubborn stains if not cleaned promptly.

Clean your microwave’s interior once a week. To loosen dried-on dirt, microwave a bowl of water for one minute. This creates steam that makes it easier to wipe down the interior with a cloth and some antibacterial cleaner. Any spills should be cleaned immediately to prevent hard-to-remove stains.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, maintaining both hygiene and the longevity of your appliances daily is crucial to a healthy kitchen environment. By following these cleaning routines, you can ensure your kitchen remains a safe and pleasant environment for cooking.

Regular cleaning not only keeps your appliances in top condition but also contributes to the overall health and safety of your kitchen. Start implementing these practices today to enjoy a cleaner, more efficient kitchen.

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After 15 years of working with Keen To Clean, they continue to have our support thanks to their service, reliability and pricing. Great job guys.
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Nat Kitney
Exceptional cleaning service & customer service. Harry and the team worked with my parents business for many years with a fantastic cleaning service so I wouldn’t choose anyone else to clean my studio. The follow up is fantastic and cleaning perfect. Highly recommend!
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FP Hawthorn
Top customer service
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Erin Loudon
We have been using Keen to Clean now for a few years to clean our multistory office in the CBD. They are fantastic! Reliable and really nice to deal with. They do quality checks often to make sure that their cleaning is always up to high standard, and if you have any issues they are extremely quick to fix them. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
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Luke Skidmore
Very thorough, responsive and great communication
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Ashleigh Church
My company has been using Keen to clean for many many years. We have always found them to be professional and approachable. Harry is wonderful and easy to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Keen to clean
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Steven Molinaro
Display Gym Clean: Keen to Clean were professional in all aspects of the job. From quote, clean to walk though. Job met all expectations and was completed in the time specified. Will use again
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Suzy ConFoo
Keen to Clean has been servicing our quick service restaurant over the last 3.5 years and the cleaning has been very good. Ravi our regular cleaner comes in promptly, does the job efficiently and leaves the restaurant looking spic and span. They are reliable and flexible to meet our requirements. Thank you.

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