Create a safe and clean environment for your students with Keen to Clean’s stringent school cleaning services

Teaching ‘values and responsibilities’ to children has become a top responsibility of schools along with providing a safe and clean environment to foster optimal learning.

As one of the leading school and child care cleaning companies in Melbourne and Sydney, Keen to Clean Group  understands this and will takes all necessary steps and methods to keep your school premises clean and hygienic.

Available in Melbourne and Sydney, our school cleaning services include:

Cleaning of Restrooms & Showers

Scrubbing of all toilets, showers, partitions and sinks

Disinfecting of all counters, walls, fixtures, fittings and push plates

Cleaning of Class Rooms and Offices

Daily cleaning of carpet areas

Emptying of bins

Dusting of window sills and frames

Cleaning of external areas and garden maintenance

Periodic lawn moving

Daily cleaning of walk ways

Blowing away dry leaves

Cleaning of gutters

Hedge trimming and weeding

Cleaning of grounds and play area

Cleaning & Maintenance of Hard Floors

Some floors require daily cleaning and some on periodic bases

Buffing, scrubbing, stripping and sealing of floors if required

Cleaning of Carpet Areas

Daily cleaning of carpet areas

Periodic steam cleaning of carpet areas

Experience the Keen to Clean difference, we won’t settle for anything less than your 100% satisfaction

We only use hospital-grade, eco- friendly chemicals:  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of all the chemicals that will be used will be provided upon our contract commencement.

Experienced and well trained staff: We provide intensive training to all franchisees and operators prior to their commencement on any facility. All franchises allocated to cleaning of schools will undergo a background check along with a Working With Children Check. All franchisees will also wear uniforms when cleaning your premises.

Efficient and smarter cleaning methods: We use colour coded micro fibre cloths and mop heads to differentiate the areas of cleaning and ensure a good result on every surface type.

Advanced industrial equipment: Our backpack vacuums offer high suction to remove all dirt traces and to keep it out of air. All mop buckets are colour coded and come with safety signs and more.

Stringent adherence to all OH&S work safety methods: We train our franchisees in MSDS Compliance Chemical Handling, Compliance Equipment Handling, Hazardous Communication Standard and Label Compliance Standard.

Contact Keen to Clean for all your Melbourne and Sydney school cleaning requirements on 1300 737 978