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Office Cleaning Tips for a Spotless and Productive Workspace

Office Cleaning Tips for a Spotless and Productive Workspace

A workspace can define the productivity of the employees and impact their lives significantly. An office that is known to prioritise numbers over sanitation and hygiene can cause its own downfall in the long run. Having a cleaning schedule is vital to create a spotless work environment that ensures productivity while also giving a positive space for employees to work in.

Professional cleaning services like Keen to Clean make this job easier by providing cleaning services for offices and commercial spaces, taking care of the minutest detail. Whether you’re a firm that functions during the day or works on a night schedule, the right cleaning company ensures that they carry out the needed tasks according to your convenience and needs.

Here’s are a few office cleaning tips that could help create a spotless and productive workspace for your employees:

Declutter all you can daily

A lot of us are in the habit of placing numerous items on our work desks in the belief that we will have use of these items at some point. However, this can only lead to cluttering. A good method to keep the habit of cluttering in check is to ask yourself if you would use any of these items in the next couple of hours. If not, you can safely store them away until you do.

Additionally, setting up a rule wherein every staff member can have a limited number of items on the desk while storing the rest in the cupboards provided can go a long way in ensuring that there is no clutter.

Accept the need for professional help

One of many reasons why offices avoid taking in professional help for office cleaning in Melbourne and Adelaide is their misguided belief that it can be expensive. Considering the growing absenteeism due to ill health by the employees (often a result of an unhygienic workspace), the loss incurred due to the lack of productive working hours is much more than what professional office cleaning services in Melbourne or Adelaide may cost.

For offices that follow tight schedules, having professionals carry out night office cleaning in Melbourne, Adelaide, or other suburbs can allow for more productivity during the office hours.

Find office cleaners in Melbourne that suit your needs

If you’re planning to hire professionals for office cleaning services in Melbourne CBD or Adelaide, make sure you don’t fall for the trap of choosing cheap services. While there is nothing wrong with saving, you could end up losing more than you bargained for if you choose the wrong cleaning company. Be sure to check their credentials and their reviews from existing clients to know whether they are what they claim to be. Word-of-mouth reviews can often be more trustworthy, so checking with your acquaintances can help you narrow down your search.

Further, make your requirements known beforehand to find out if they will accommodate you. Professional companies often provide night office cleaning in Melbourne and other suburbs so that offices can carry on functioning during the day without any hindrance or hassle. If that is a key requirement for you, be sure to make it known.

Add ducts and vents on the frequent cleaning list

More often than not, duct and vent cleaning is carried out on a monthly basis, owing to the fact that it could get tedious. However, the air quality within the office space can be greatly affected if the vents and ducts are neglected for weeks. Additionally, dust and dirt in the ducts can often reduce airflow, leading to more energy consumption and increased utility bills.

Regular duct and vent cleaning as part of the office cleaning services by your cleaning company in Melbourne CBD or Adelaide is sure to create a healthier workspace while also ensuring optimum energy consumption.

Frequently sanitise fixtures

If there’s any surface in an office that is touched more often than the work desk, it is the countless fixtures. From door knobs and switches to taps and handles, every staff member, at some point during the day, touches these surfaces, often making them a source of spreading bacteria and infection. Having your office cleaners in Melbourne sanitise these surfaces needs to be a task carried out often. This is even more necessary if any of the staff show signs of viral infection or the flu.

Rather than running the risk of carrying out a sanitisation spree weekly, doing it daily can significantly reduce the chances of infections spreading, increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism greatly.

Emphasise on individual responsibilities for the staff

Keeping an office space clean is not just the responsibility of the cleaning staff or professional cleaning company you hire. As a workspace, it is essential that you share responsibility with your office cleaners in Melbourne by making every employee follow a set of rules that decrease cluttering and unsanitary habits. By working together, you are sure to create a positive work environment while also  inculcating the habit of keeping the work desks and office spaces clean.

With every office functioning differently, the cleaning needs for every company differs vastly. Keen to Clean has a team equipped to handle office cleaning in Melbourne and Adelaide irrespective of the industry or field. Further, the team at Keen to Clean also services other locations to ensure ease of access for commercial spaces and offices to a professional and qualified cleaning crew at all times.