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It is said that cleanliness is next to godliness. What is also true is that cleanliness is essential for wellbeing, positivity and productivity. And if it isn’t present, then it could result in health and safety issues, not to mention a bad image in front of the public eye. A clean workplace environment can keep everyone in the workplace comfortable and eager to work, but accomplishing that result with in-house cleaners can be a challenging task, as you not only need to manage and supervise them, but you would also require to keep tabs on having supplies ready. Engaging a professional commercial cleaning company on the other hand, would ensure that your premises stay spic and span as and when you want. Moreover, you can also have them do a thorough clean up and sanitization of every area of your work premises, for best results.

As far as commercial cleaning companies go, Keen To Clean is one of the best commercial cleaning companies near Cherrybrook, catering to Melbourne and Sydney. We are known for providing flawless commercial cleaning services for various formal and casual establishments. Our professionally trained cleaning staff can refine your workplace using top-of-the-line, industry grade products that have been proven for their efficacy and are also safe for you and the environment.

Different elements in Commercial Cleaning

Sweeping / Vacuuming and Mopping

Most commercial workplaces see a high amount of footfalls, and visitors walking in and out. This can cause the floor to become unclean. Keeping the floors clean of dust particles is the most basic aspect of almost all our cleaning services, irrespective of the type of floor or commercial establishment. Regular cleaning of floors will not only make them look good, but will also ensure that the dust or dirt doesn’t spread to other areas.

Dusting and Wiping

Apart from floors, we also see dust being collected on furniture, machinery and equipment, workstations and the like. These can cause allergies and can also affect employee morale. Our cleaners use appropriate commercial dusters and safe cleaning agents to wipe everything to a squeaky clean finish.

Glass Cleaning

Most workplaces have large panels of glass integrated in their architecture, in the form of windows, doors, tables, partitions and even exteriors in some cases. Being a transparent surface, the smallest of dust particles on glass can be easily spotted and can cause a bad impression. We are specialists at spot cleaning and washing of glass surfaces, and leave them sparkling clear.

Specific Cleaning Tasks

Apart from the basic tasks listed above, we can also offer specialist cleaning solutions for different establishments. This can include safe waste disposal for medical centres, or even cleaning inside the cooking equipment for cafes and restaurants. We also offer specialized add-ons such as:

  • Commercial Bathroom and Shower Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Reception and Cabin Area Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Maintenance & Cleaning

You can trust us to get the smallest details right, even if they are very specific to your work premises.

The types of commercial cleaning clients we service

Formal establishments

At Keen To Clean, we provide impeccable services for many formal locations such as medical centers, office areas, factory & warehouse cleaning, industrial areas, departmental stores, schools, kindergarten cleaning and aged care facilities. All of these establishments require an experienced team of cleaners with an eye for detail, and knowledge of the different cleaning protocols required at each place.

Keen To Clean is a commercial cleaning company located a few minutes away from Cherrybrook with a trained team of cleaners that follow streamlined processes for various formal establishments.

Our team of cleaners consists of individuals that understand the requirements and boundaries of such locations. They make sure that your workplace is up to the mark without causing any disruptions to other work.

Casual establishments

Keen To Clean also has certain cleaning protocols for casual, high traffic establishments like restaurants, bars, gyms, theatre cleaning, cafe and pubs. Recognized commonly as the commercial cleaning company located near Cherrybrook, we also provide professional cleaning services for casual locations like these with just as much care and dedication. We follow well defined procedures to refine these places without leaving any traces of cleaning products, while also creating a vibrant ambience at your casual establishment.

What are we all about?

Keen To Clean is a commercial cleaning company located in Clayton, but providing quality services to surrounding suburbs liked Cherrybrook. We are driven by the motivation to provide excellent cleaning solutions and exceptional customer service, both of which make us the preferred option when it comes to professional cleaning. We are known for our eye for detail, and will not miss out on anything within our scope of work.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and can take on any type of specialized cleaning work. This is evident even when you look at our roster of clients, which span medical centres, aged care facilities, golf clubs, warehouses, schools and corporate offices as well as retail outlets, and you can rest assured that we can take on any type of specialized cleaning work.

Our commercial cleaning company is capable of handling multiple areas at the same time as it has a well-trained team of cleaners for different locations. Our cleaners are experienced and do their work without disrespecting the privacy of commercial locations.

We are one of the most accomplished commercial cleaning companies near Cherrybrook and we make sure to use top-of-the-line products and methods, which are effective and safe for people, while keeping our prices surprisingly affordable.

How you can benefit from our services?

There is no disputing the fact that any commercial location, be it an office, school, medical centre or restaurant needs to be carried out in a thorough and professional manner, so that the premises stay safe and hygienic for the staff as well as other visitors.

While it is always possible to have an in-house cleaning crew to manage your premises, these would not only entail a higher cost of recruitment, but would also result in add on expenses for supplying cleaning equipment and tools. Moreover, the members of this crew would also be eligible for taking leaves and holidays just like the rest of the staff, and this could affect the standard of cleanliness at your workplace. However, all of these would not be a bother when you hire professional commercial cleaners.

At Keen To Clean, we have a team of well-trained cleaning staff and all the necessary equipment required to do a complete and thorough clean-up of all types of commercial establishments across Clayton, Adelaide Cbd , Mount Waverly, Oakleigh, Mulgrave and more suburbs across the length and breadth of Melbourne. In case your staff works late shifts and it isn’t feasible to have cleaning done within regular hours, we are also happy to offer round-the-clock cleaning services, as per your convenience. Apart from this, you can also avail emergency cleaning services.

We are known for our unmatched dedication towards all our tasks and ensure a satisfactory cleaning service for everyone, while strictly adhering to OH&S work safety methods. Our managers also conduct regular cleaning audits for our clients, to ensure that the service is up to our standards. What’s more, we use planet friendly cleaning solutions, to ensure better health for you as well as our planet.

Commercial Cleaning post COVID-19

In the aftermath of COVID-19, you are going to need a reliable cleaning service company like Keen To Clean to ensure a clean and hygienic environment at your workplace and other establishments. We are a commercial cleaning company based near Cherrybrook, offering cleaning services in Melbourne, Sydney and surrounding areas in VIC, NSW and South Australia. Do get in touch with us if you are looking for a safe, clean and sanitized workplace.

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