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Office Cleaning Checklist for your Professional Cleaners

Office Cleaning Checklist for your Professional Cleaners

Office cleaning can be a daunting task if you plan to do it on your own. Hiring professional services instead give you less things to worry about and better results as well. Here’s a checklist that can help you find the right professionals for office cleaning in Derrimut and give you a gist of what can be expected from them on a daily basis.

Regular Cleaning

While there are certain cleaning routines that you can carry out on a weekly or monthly basis, there are a few routines that you must carry out on a daily basis.

  • Run a vacuum cleaner on your carpets, rugs or mats
  • Empty all waste bins
  • Make sure to vacuum every hard surface
  • Dust every desks, tables, chairs, and other furnishings
  • Disinfect frequently used surfaces
  • Clean cobwebs from every wall and corner
  • Wash glass doors and windows
  • Polish every brass knob on doors and windows
  • Make sure all paraphernalia and accessories are arranged in a neat manner

Sanitise rest rooms

Rest rooms are one place that need special attention when it comes to cleaning. Since sanitisation plays an important role in keeping infection and germs at bay, here’s what your professional cleaners will take care of while cleaning rest rooms.

  • Stock the washrooms with toilet paper, facial tissues, and hand wash
  • Empty the waste bins in the washrooms
  • Clean the mirrors spotlessly
  • Scrub every basin
  • Disinfect the restroom floors
  • Clean and sanitise urinals regularly

Weekly Routine

Some cleaning tasks need to be carried out on a weekly basis to ensure a clean looking office space.

  • Polish all hard surfaced flooring
  • Clean glass walls, doors, and windows with soap and a squeegee

Monthly Routine

On a monthly basis, here’s what you can expect from your professional cleaners:

  • Vacuum all the vents in the office
  • Vacuum clean the chairs, sofas, and upholstery

Setting up a routine with a checklist makes it easier for you to hire the right professionals for office cleaning in Derrimut and decide on the days that of the week that the cleaners can carry out more detailed cleaning without hampering your work or inconveniencing your employees.