Keen to Clean Tips – Window Frames

General/Commercial Cleaning: Window Frames
Windows are important to a property for both aesthetic and functional reasons. While the glass panels are an obvious cleaning duty many people neglect their frames. But with the right equipment the cleaning is low impact and can have big benefits.
Things you will Need:
Cleaning Solution: In general a basic detergent will prove sufficient for most frames. Ultimately you want something that will clean quickly and loosen up the dirt to make it easier to wash away. Some people use spray and wipe surface spray to clean their frames and that is fine as well. Keen-to-Clean-Tips-Window-Frames-300x219
Sponges: Sponges will be your main cleaning implement. Avoid anything with a span scouring edge as they may scratch the windows or damage the paint. Having two sponges, one large for applying solution and a small angular one for cleaning the lips is advised.
H0se: Whether you choose to use a hose or not is a personal preference: many people find that it allows large areas to be cleaned quickly and in general frames don’t need much more than that. Others find that hoses are just as prone to soaking them as the windows and during periods of water restriction, which is common in Australia, hoses are heavily frowned upon.
Bucket: A bucket for water and solution mixes. Try to find a sturdy bucket: cheap buckets tend to crack and buckle under any weight.
Rubber gloves: Many people prefer to use gloves to avoid damaging the skin and nails on their hands. The detergents and sprays used on windows are not caustic though so it is ultimately at your discretion whether you bother or not.
Paper towels or rags: If using a spray or want to do a quick wipedown to ensure the windows are fully dry a clean rag or basic household paper towel are all that are necessary. Don’t use tissues or toilet paper, though, as they will leave remnants that are highly visible
Duster: A duster to remove cobwebs prior to cleaning is advised.
Mould Killer: If there is a mould buildup you may need to use a mould killing spray on the inner surfaces to kill it.
Things to Keep in Mind:
Windows are exposed to a lot of water, either internally in places like the bathroom or externally during the rain. As a result mould buildups are fairly common. It is worth periodically checking the windows and frames for mould and immediately spraying them with a mould killing spray as soon as possible. Window frames can be damaged and outright destroyed by heavy mould rotting the frame away, meaning you are left needing to replace the whole frame. Luckily metal frames are more common and don’t run this risk but are still prone to mould coverage so it is still worthwhile treating them.
Cleaning the Window Glass:
Using a duster take away all of the cobwebs you can manually.
Inspect the frame and lips of the frame to ensure there is no mould taking root.
If there is mould immediately spray mould killer and leave for the advised timeframe on the cleaning instructions. Using a sponge carefully remove the mould, being gentle on the frames, especially if wooden. If mould has gotten into the wood itself then it means the wood will need to be replaced sooner rather than later, but heavy mould killer treatments can buy you a little more time by delaying the growth.
Once that is done using a detergent mix or spray on cleaner heavily douse the frame in solution and work it around with a large sponge being as thorough as practical. Depending on the strength of your solution you can allow it to sit for a short time before going at it with a smaller, more angular sponge to get into the corners and into the edges of the frames. Don’t try and remove the solution or dirt at this point, your primary function is to loosen up everything so it can be easily washed away.
Using a clean sponge with clear water or a hose, lightly spray down the frames to remove the cleaning element and loosened dirt.
If you like you can use a towel or paper towel to dry the frames.
How Often Should it be Done?
Frames don’t need to be done as often as the glass to maintain them visually but do keep in mind that dirt and mould buildups in them are more common, especially if the frame is wooden. As a result it is advised that you periodically keep an eye on the frames to assure no obvious buildups are forming and to clean them as often as you do the glass itself.
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