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Keen to Clean Tips : Toilet Cleaning

Keen to Clean Tips : Toilet Cleaning

Toilet Cleaning important for Hygienic Living:

Toilet Cleaning is necessary for both cosmetic and hygiene maintenance of your house, periodic toilet cleaning should always be on your cleaning agenda. Toilet cleaners’ and other inner bowl products often have the added benefit of fragrance or superior germ killing/prevention methods, but allow these choices to reflect your budget. If necessary then domestic/watered down bleach products can aid in cleaning the porcelain areas. It is integral that you isolate and dedicate all products you use for the cleaning of toilets to that toilet alone. Be it a sponge or brush, each toilet should have its own tools. This will significantly reduce the chance of cross pollution and reduce the spread of nasty germs. Hence cleaning toilet periodically in the best benefits for healthy living.

We recommend to wear safety gloves while using the bleach or other cleaning products while cleaning the toilets. Using a toilet brush which is with sharp bristles will help you to scrub the bowl from inside effectively, rinse the bowl thoroughly after scrubbing so that you remove all the left over chemical. Always carryout a through cleaning process i.e. cleaning of internal bowl, external areas, toilet seat, lid and flush tank. In current modern days wall mounted toilet’s are in high demand and used in all new built houses. These are very easy to be cleaned and easily maintained.

There is debate amongst professional cleaners over which is superior but our group believes that the most hygienic approach to the final wipe down of the toilet is using paper towels. How fancy the towel is comes down to your budget and discretion, the benefits of more elaborate products is dubious at times. After wiping down you can flush the tissue away.