Keen to Clean Tips – Shower Tiles

Shower Area is a cornerstone for Personal Hygiene:


Shower area is a cornerstone for personal hygiene but as a space that frequently gets wet and rarely dried properly it is also very prone to getting dirty, mouldy and unsightly. Washing yourself in a dirty box is never a great idea, so be sure to regularly clean it.
We recommend a soft sponge for all your tiles. Only use a rougher sponge or soft bristles hand brush if cleaning the grout, but even then be careful as it is easy to scuff tiles. More so than toilets and other surfaces in the bathroom it is important that the cleaners used in a shower are not too strong as they can cause irritation for a lot of people whilst showering.

Always make sure you thoroughly rinse the area after using cleaning products. As shower tiles are prone to be wet frequently and bathrooms are humid rooms in general they are very prone to the growth of moulds and mildew. Periodic cleaning will help stop this from taking root and spreading, so always keep a lookout as it is integral to the health of the people using the shower and bathroom.
When cleaning the tiles on regular intervals always see that you don’t damage the grouts. Grout cleaning is a very difficult job especially when there is a tough mould within it. Rinse the grout (preferably hot water) section thoroughly before spraying any chemical on, this will help you clean effectively without doing any hard efforts. Leave the chemical on the areas for some time for reaction, so you will get a better result after scrubbing. While cleaning the grouts always use soft bristles hand brush to remove the mould, extensive scrubbing will lead to damage of grout.
After scrubbing thoroughly always rinse the areas with hot water so that all the residue of the chemical is washed away and leaves a sparkling shower area for you to jump in and have a bath.