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Keen to Clean Tips – Shower Glass Cleaning

Keen to Clean Tips – Shower Glass Cleaning

Cleaning Shower Glass for a clear see through:

Showering is a cornerstone for personal hygiene but as a space that frequently gets wet and rarely dried properly it is also very prone to getting dirty, mouldy and unsightly. Washing yourself in a dirty box is never a great idea, so be sure to regularly clean.

With the use of various soaps and hair treatments soap scum can tend to build up on surfaces, particularly the glass screen. This can discolor the area and create bad odours so it needs to be removed when it builds up. General cleaning is suitable if the problem is addressed quickly enough. Always use a soft sponge to scrub soap scum which are left on the screen after taking shower. After scrubbing thoroughly rinse the shower glass with the plain water, so there is no residue left over from the chemicals.

Periodically clean your shower-head and if it has a head that can be dismantled consider cleaning it out as they are prone to fungal growths. Considering a lot of water is swallowed while showering it would be best to avoid contamination.

Easy tip for making shower cleaning more functional: while you are waiting for the water to heat up use a sponge to do a wipe down of the shower walls and screen. If you are using a product that is not too strong you can even apply that shortly before ending. Allow your skin sensitivity to determine how elaborate you make this process.