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Keen to Clean Tips – Mop Buckets & Mop

Mop Buckets are a must have. A standard 3 litre bucket is suitable for most domestic uses, you probably already have one somewhere. When buying new ones make sure that they are good quality plastic that can resist a lot of weight as cheap buckets have a tendency to crack or explode a lot.

Make sure your bucket is clean [including the outside of the bucket and the base] as often that is neglected causing a mess later. Think of it like a cup: would you drink out of the bucket? If not, why would you use that as the basis of your cleaning? Please note: you needn’t drink out of the bucket to prove a point.

Along with the Mop Bucket, you will require a Good Hygienic Mope attached with the Stick. Make sure that the Mop Stick is of a comfortable size where in you don’t have to bend your back too much while cleaning.

You can use different color mope for different areas, for example
Red Mop : Bedroom Floors, Lounge Room Floors
Green Mop: Bathroom Floors, Toilet Floors
Blue Mop: Kitchen Floors, Dinning Floors
You can set the color code options as per your requirement.