Keen to Clean Tips – Kitchen Cupboards

General/Commercial Cleaning: Kitchen Cupboards
Cleaning out your cupboards periodically is important to help avoid stickiness or mould building up and the bad smells these can bring with them.
Things you will Need:
Cleaning Solution: Basic surface spray that you spray on and wipe off is all you need in terms of cleaning element. There are many brands though most function in similar ways. Avoiding bleach based cleaners is advised as many cupboards are just sealed woods or painted using low quality paints and thus are prone to damage with span cleaning elements. Kitchen-Cupboard-Cleaning
Rubber gloves: Many people prefer to use gloves to avoid damaging the skin and nails on their hands. Most domestic surface cleaners are not too caustic though so it is at the discretion of the cleaner.
Dustpan and brush: Simple dustpans and brushes that you can get anywhere. Even a broom could be considered sufficient, allbeit more difficult to maneuver. Basically anything that will let you brush the cupboard shelves.
Sponges and Paper towels: There is debate over which is more hygienic, or whether paper towel is environmentally irresponsible and etc. Realistically both have their uses: sponges offer butter scrubbing action while paper is easily disposed on and is better for quicker wipe downs. Our process will include both as options, but you can choose one or the other if you’d prefer.
Duster: A duster to remove cobwebs may be necessary.
Surface Germ Killing Spray: Usually an aerosol style can that deodorises and kills germs. There are several brands on the market, usually the fragrance is the main discerning factor so go with your nose.
Mould Killer: If there is a mould buildup you may need to use a mould killing spray on the inner surfaces to kill it.
Things to Keep in Mind:
Mould in the pantry can potentially ruin foods and prove a health risk, so it is a big part of why this sort of cleaning needs to be undertaken at all. Make sure that when you are cleaning you keep a lookout but be careful: if there is an outbreak in the pantry the smell can be very confronting and sickening, so you may choose to wear a mask while investigating.
Cleaning the Kitchen Cupboards:
First step is to empty out the cupboards of all the contents. This is, of course, a great time to make sure you aren’t hoarding out of date or completely redundant food articles. If you have storage jars it is typically advised to wipe them down before putting them back in.
Usually cobwebbing is the first order of business for most kitchen cupboards. They often form under the lips around the openings or in the corners. Next, a dry brushing of the shelves will help with cleaning and also identify sticky areas for extra attention.
Spray your surface cleaner on all the surfaces inside the cupboards. Areas that have buildups or are sticky can get extra attention. Allowing for a minute or two to pass to allowing the cleaning element to kick in, depending on the brand and type of cleaning spray, use a sponge to wipe through and dislodge any dirt. Using paper towel wipe down the surfaces to remove all remaining dirt and dry them at the same time.
If at any point you notice any mould discontinue cleaning immediately. Apply mould killer to the area and alllow to process for the appropriate amount of time before wiping or scrubbing away. It is important this is treated immediately and without excessive time spent near it as many people find it a nauseous smell.
As a finishing touch a surface germ killing spray and be applied to assure all germs are dead and gone before placing the food and storage containers back into the cupboards.
How Often Should it be Done?
Many people consider this an essential element of a spring clean and we feel that is an appropriate stance. Realistically doing it more frequently than yearly would probably be advised, but as it is a relatively time consuming process for a typically non-visible area we appreciate that is not likely to occur.
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