Keen to Clean Tips – Computer Screes and Laptops

General/Commercial Cleaning: Computers and Laptops
Computers and Laptops cleaning is an easy way to improve the look of your office but it is very important that you are gentle and do not rush the job.
Things you will Need:Computer-Screens
Cleaning Solution:
Contrary to popular belief you should not immediately jump chemical products for Computers and Laptops cleaning [we will explain why below]. Most office or commercial cleaners like Dusters or cloth will be fine for this sort of cleaning . Always perform a patch test before cleaning no matter what product you are using.
Miscellaneous micro-fibre cloth:
You don’t need anything fancy for Computers and Laptops, clean micro-fibre cloth will prove sufficient. Avoid rough surfaced sponges or cloths [scouring pads are to be avoided] as they are prone to damaging the surface of screens . You can also use tissues to wipe of the dust from the screens. But cloth will be more useful to wipe of the finger prints on the screens or keyboards or purchase wet wipes designed specifically for electronics.
Things to Keep in Mind:
Computer Screens, are the most prone to damage. It is also important that you are diligent when cleaning computer screens: any cracks has to be treated extremely carefully.
Cleaning the Screens:
When cleaning Computers and Laptops basic procedures are followed as you would with most surfaces but with more care taken to be gentle: firstly remove the fine dust which in the screens with a duster and then apply the cleaning solution or glass cleaner on to the microfiber cloth. Do not spray the solution directly on the screens as this will damage them. With the light wet micro-fibre wipe of the screen very gently to remove the finger prints.
How Often Should it be Done?
It depends on how prone your computers are to getting dirty. Clean the screens weekly once to up keep them and also for hygiene purpose.
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